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          Carlos - This young man's corpse was found with the head completely missing as though his head exploded. The injury is similar to a double-barrel shotgun blast to the head but no gun was found near his body. Even if the gun had been removed there would have been bullet holes. Still under investigation. Dead on Arrival. 
          Spencer - The punishment this man's internal organs took was beyond what any human could have survived through. Injuries coincide with blunt-force trauma although no outside signs of abuse can be seen. Drug tests found a large amount of THC in the victims system. The test also proves that he was stoned at the time of death.  Dead on Arrival.
          John Doe - This subject was found with approximately 15 large circular wounds to the chest and lower torso. Chemical samples of the wounds show small traces of a metallic substance leading me to believe that steel spikes were the cause of the injuries. The only witness said he fell from a large height. Dead on Arrival.
          Freddy Krueger - Pulled through the dream world into the real world by his daughter Maggie Burroughs. Multiple injuries found including four broken fingers, puncture wound to the left hand, massive tissue damage and stab wounds to the chest. Sources report that dynamite was the ultimate cause of death. Dead on Arrival.



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