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          Roland Kincaid - Found in his bed about 8 hours after death, this man seems to have died in his sleep although internal damaging suggests otherwise. The question is how could this mans organs have been damaged without the outer layers of flesh being punctured? Blunt force trauma has been ruled out. Dead on Arrival.
          Joey Crusel - 18-year-old male Joey Crusel was found by his mother floating inside his water mattress. How he managed to get inside the mattress, without spilling one drop of water, is still unknown. Autopsy shows that internal damage similar to the above case is apparent. Water in the lungs indicates drowning as well. Dead on Arrival.
          Kristen Parker - Here is a 17-year-old Springwood female burned beyond recognition. Circumstances surrounding this woman's death are still unknown but what we do know is that she was sleeping when she somehow started ablaze. Rumors suggest there has been mass hysteria amongst teenagers lately. Dead on Arrival.
          Sheila Kopecky - Autopsy shows this woman died from a massive asthma attack. Witnesses report there might be a different explanation for her death. They claim that somehow a man with long razor-like fingers locked lips with the victim and somehow sucked the life from her. Of course this is impossible... or is it? Dead on Arrival.
          Rick Johnson - Found by his father in their garage... this man died of four puncture wounds to the stomach region. The wounds punctured his liver, pancreas, and stomach leaving him helpless. Ultimate cause of death was due to blood-loss. Evidence indicates that this death is connected to some other teenage murders recently. Dead on Arrival.
          Debbie Stevens - This woman was found on the weight-set which she used often. The ligaments of the elbows have been dislocated, the rib cage has been crushed and multiple other fractures are apparent. No other facts are known at this time besides local superstitions about a man named Fred Krueger who is stalking Springwood kids. Dead on Arrival.



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