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          Phillip Anderson - Reports claim this man's veins were stripped from his body and used to dangle him like a string puppet. This man was found after he jumped to his death from a four story building. Multiple fractures, dislocated right arm, punctured kidney, massive damage to the frontal cranium and exposed brain matter. Dead on Arrival.
          Jennifer Caulfield - This is one of the stranger cases of murder I've seen. This woman's corpse was found with her head jammed into her television. Considering the television was 10 feet off the ground... law enforcement is still investigating this puzzling murder. Top of skull crushed and bruises found on upper arms. Dead on Arrival.
          Elaine Parker - After bringing a man home from the local Springwood bar she was brutally attacked by her date. She was found by authorities in the upstairs hallway with her head completely severed from her body. Some form of knives were used for the decapitation which have not been found. No other injuries apparent. Dead on Arrival.
          Taryn White - Witnesses report this woman was confronted by a man who wanted to help her "get in touch with her roots." The man intentionally injected her with over 10 full syringes of heroin. (Diacetylmorphine) Autopsy drug tests show more than 25 times the lethal amount of heroin in her blood stream. Dead on Arrival.
          Will Stanton - Four clean, and very deep, puncture wounds found to the upper chest. The murder weapon lacerated the larynx, both lungs, and chipped four ribs after being forcefully thrust into the victim. There were no witnesses to the crime so further details on this murder are slim but the investigators are still searching for information. Dead on Arrival.
          Donald Thompson - Crime scene investigators suspect this man was thrown from a distance of about twenty feet onto a sharp car fender. Autopsy shows that the chest was severed open when he landed and practically destroyed the ribcage. Only other injures are to the face, which seem to have been inflicted during a fight. Dead on Arrival.
          Nancy Thompson - People who witnessed this murder report that the woman was tricked into thinking her attacker was her father. While in close contact with the man she was stabbed in the stomach four times. Autopsy shows the knives were pushed into the wound and then twisted. Internal organs show massive damage. Dead on Arrival.



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