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          Coach Schneider - Autopsy shows four deep lacerations covering the height of the back. These gaping wounds quickly made the victim lose consciousness from blood loss and shock. Also found on the body are what appears to be rope burns to the wrists, suggesting the victim was bound before he was attacked. Dead on Arrival.
          Ron Grady - Police report this young man was found in his bedroom mutilated and murdered. Similar lacerations as the above victim were found but to the frontal torso region. A crushed tracheal tube also points towards strangulation being a contributing factor to the death. No suspects at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Party Guest #1 - Four deep slashes to the left side of face which have been dragged through the upper neck. Details surrounding this mans death are slim but witnesses say he didn't deserve the brutality he received at the party. Death caused from massive blood loss and blunt-force trauma. Dead on Arrival.
          Party Guest #2 - Witnesses report this man was scaling a stone fence when a fire started beneath him. He fell from exhaustion into the flames and was burned alive. Autopsy proves this due to the fact that smoke inhalation was found in the lungs. No other injuries apparent besides some small abrasions. Dead on Arrival.
          Party Guest #3 - This young man was found dead in the area where party-goers were trying to escape. Injuries point towards death by trampling. Injuries include: broken neck, multiple hairline fractures, bruising to the cerebral cortex and hundreds of broken blood vessels in the eyes. No other information available. Dead on Arrival.
          Party Guest #4 - Deep lacerations to the middle torso. Detectives say this man was caught off guard while running through the chaos of the massacre. The lacerations are identical to other cases I've investigated lately indicating a serial killer might be the cause. This information has been passed on to the Springfield police. Dead on Arrival.
          Party Guest #5 - While trying to negotiate with the attacker he was attacked by the madman he was trying to calm. Slashed across the chest in a left to right motion then thrown into a gas grill. The resulting fire caused by the grill ultimately killed him. Extremely deep burns found on 40% of his body. Dead on Arrival.
          Kerry - It seems that someone managed to kill this woman by cramming their hand into her back and out through her chest. The force needed to inflict this wound is severe which leads me to believe that her attacker has a muscular build. This case is still being looked into by authorities. Dead on Arrival.



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