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          Claire Bowie - This man held the night shift at the Remserfield County Airport just outside of Kemsin,  Maine. A handyman that worked at the airport told reporters that Claire had been acting very strange after a strange man in a black plane arrived. Found the next day with his throat ripped out. Dead on Arrival.
          Buck Kendall - Body found on the runway of the airfield he worked at in Bronson, New York. Four large gashes across the face most likely stunned the man which made him vulnerable to more attack. Large bite wounds on both the right and left side of the neck coincide with other recent murders. Dead on Arrival.
          Dottie Walsh - Fellow co-workers felt this young woman began "believing in the unbelievable." Her job as a reporter for the "Inside View" magazine seemed to get the best of her. Her body was found in the bath tub of her apartment with a dry cleaning bag wrapped around her head. Death ruled a suicide. Dead on Arrival.
          Ray Sarch - When Duffrey police discovered this man's lifeless corpse in his residence, they didn't have to look far for the mans severed head. It was propped up in the corner, staring into the room as if something horrifying was there. Investigators are still trying to piece together his murder. Dead on Arrival.
          Ellen Sarch - This woman was also found dead in the same house as her husband. (Above victim.) Her body was lying in the back bedroom, looking as if she was sleeping. It was later discovered that every drop of blood was removed from her body. Her drastic change of appearance before her death is still puzzling. Dead on Arrival.
          4 Unidentified Motorists - Accident occurred due to one of the drivers falling asleep. No survivors were found. The parents of the fatigued driver told police she had attended a birthday party the night prior to the accident. Apparently she didn't get any sleep. Chemical tests found nothing unusual. All dead on arrival.
          200-300 Airport Civilians - These unfortunate victims were attacked by a man that travels at night in a Skymaster 337 airplane, searching for victims. The majority of the corpses were found with missing limbs and severe head trauma. It appears none made it out of the airport alive. All dead on arrival.
          Richard Dees - Shot four times by police after attempting to attack them with an axe. The officers discovered him inside the lobby hacking and beating the lifeless corpses. Autopsy shows the bullets ripped through multiple internal organs, causing him to bleed internally. No other injuries can be found. Dead on Arrival.



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