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          Johnnie - Sources say this middle-aged man was attacked while visiting the grave of his late mother. The assailant is said to be a white male that was said to look "more dead than alive." Puncture wound to the left hand, evidence of a blow to the lower jaw and multiple spinal fractures. Body is rumored to have been burned in a massive bonfire.
          Cousin Satchel - Shot himself in the head after his father attempted to kill, and eat, him. Body found on 2nd floor of his home with his right arm bitten off below the elbow. Bullet hole fired under chin and exited through the right cranium. (.22) Lower left arm found wrapped in a floor rug in the front yard. Dead on Arrival.
          Tom Rogers - Witnesses report this man was attempting to unlock a gas pump when he decided to take a faster route and fire at the lock. The bullet ricocheted, gas ignited, and that was the end of him. Body is burnt beyond recognition with multiple teeth marks spread across the corpse. Dead on Arrival.
          Judy Rose - Body also charred beyond recognition but dental records show that this is the girlfriend of the above victim. Evidence shows that she was sitting at a 9 o'clock angle from Tom when the fuel was ignited. Large piece of stainless steel from the pump was found lodged in her right leg. Dead on Arrival.
          Sarah Cooper - Bitten on the arm by one of the radio-active dead. Because of the lack of knowledge on these walking corpses, we do not know if some type of disease was transferred in the bite or if her brittle body just collapsed under the pressure. One gunshot wound to the skull and later burned in the fire pit.
          Helen Cooper - Massive bite wound to the right neck/jugular. Dental caparisons to the bite wound indicates her own daughter Sarah as the culprit. Similar to her daughter, a gunshot wound to her forehead is apparent. Bruises found spread across the body indicates extreme spousal abuse. Dead on Arrival.
          Ben Hanser - Sources report that this man was involved in a gun fight and shot in the chest... later died of blood loss in the farmhouse cellar. The next morning hunters found him there and shot him three times... right shoulder, right mandible, and upper forehead. Body then thrown into the fire pit. No body found.
          Harry Cooper - Shot twice in the stomach by the above victim then managed to hide in the farmhouse attic. Next morning he was shot in the face for being such a fucking asshole. Other injuries include lacerations to the lower arms, abrasions to the hands and minor bruises to the face. Body cremated in giant bonfire.



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