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          Johnny - Killed while visiting his mothers grave at the local cemetery. Autopsy shows massive fractures to the back of the skull. The damage was so severe that brain matter was exposed. Scratch marks and defensive wounds indicate a struggle ensued before death. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Unidentified Corpse - Very little is known about this case. The body was found on the second floor of a farmhouse near the town cemetery. The face has been mutilated beyond recognition from human consumption and rats. Other injuries include a broken neck, fractured ribs and a ruptured spleen. Dead on Arrival.
          Tom - Killed in an explosion which engulfed the truck he was driving, his girlfriend Judy and himself. Burn marks around the nearby gas pump suggest they were trying the refuel the truck when it caught fire. Soon after the explosion, his corpse was devoured by the walking dead. No body found.
          Judy - Perished in the same explosion as the above victim. Reasons as to why this victim was in the truck is still a mystery. It only took one person to refuel the vehicle... it's suspected she might have been the driver. Soon after the explosion, his corpse was devoured by the walking dead. No body found.
          Harry Cooper - Found in the cellar of the farmhouse with a gunshot to the chest and mutilation from cannibalism. The bite wounds were compared to the dental records of this mans daughter and they were a match. Due to the lack of blood clotting around the bite wounds, this shows they were caused after death. Dead on Arrival.
          Karen Cooper - Death occurred after being bitten by a member of the walking dead. Clotting around the wound indicates a survival time of approximately 12-24 hours before death. She was later shot the next day by a band of hunters. No other information at this time. Case will remain open. Dead on Arrival.
          Helen Cooper - This woman's corpse was found in the cellar of the old farmhouse with multiple stab wounds. Comparisons with a nearby garden trowel confirms it was the murder weapon. Bite wounds were compared to the victims daughter and were identical. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Ben - Shot in the head after being mistaken for the living dead. As the local hunting group descended on the farmhouse, this man looked through the living room window to see what was happening... he was then shot. Multiple abrasions and defensive wounds found around the body. Dead on Arrival.



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