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          Chrissie Watkins - This case was first thought to be a possible boating accident. The torso was severed in mid-thorax. There are no major organs remaining and the right arm has been severed above the elbow with massive tissue loss in the upper musculature. Partially denuded bone remaining. Dead on Arrival.
          Alex M. Kintner - Multiple witnesses at the beach reported seeing this boy enter the water on his raft shortly before being attacked. The constant splashing by other swimmers is thought to have attracted the shark and prompted the attack. This boys body was never recovered... only his slashed raft was found. Dead on Arrival.
          Ben Gardner - This man's mangled boat was found approximately five miles off the shore of Amity. The man who investigated the hull of the boat discovered a shark tooth the size of a shot glassin the hull. Autopsy shows this man died of cardiac arrest. It seems that fear caused this man's heart to stop. Dead on Arrival.
          Howard Curtis - The only recovered remains of this man's body was his right leg. His leg was found soon after he was attacked in the pond near the Amity beach. From the police reports and teeth marks on severed leg, it is clear that the fish attacked with great ferocity. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Quint - This man's history of hunting sharks seems to have caught up with him. Amity's Police Chief, Martin Brody, states that when the shark jumped onto the backside of their boat, Quint was dragged down into the sharks mouth. A forceful bite to the mid-torso ended this man's life. Dead on Arrival.
          JAWS - Legend has it that if you shoot a rifle at a tank filled with compressed air, it will explode. Apparently Chief Brody had heard this also. The Chief managed to get the shark to chew on the tank while giving him a clear shot with an M1 Carbine. The shot caused a massive explosion killing the shark in a bloody mess. Dead on Arrival.



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