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          Sean Brody - The son of Police Chief Martin Brody and the new Chief of Amity Island. The night this man went missing he was inspecting a complaint of a large slab of wood jammed into a warning buoy. His battered boat was found the next morning sprayed with large amounts of blood. No body found. Presumed dead.
          Local Swimmer - Attacked while enjoying a tube ride behind a motor boat. Witnesses report a large shark leaped out of the water and dragged her under. There was a high amount of splashing before a pool of blood engulfed the surrounding area. Portions of her mangled corpse later washed up on shore. Dead on Arrival.
          Jaws the 4th - A large ship spoke was the downfall of this beast. In an attempt to jump the front of the ship to sink the boat, the front spoke pierced its belly and caused massive internal rupturing. The shark could not have survived such an injury. It was later consumed by other sharks who came for the feast. No corpse found.



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