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          Shelby Overman - This man was a well respected welder around the park and was known for getting extremely drunk. When he turned up missing, friends assumed he had fallen asleep while drunk and would show up eventually. His badly mutilated corpse was found floating near the public sea tunnels. Dead on Arrival.
          2 Thieving Scuba Divers - Documents recovered from their abandoned van suggest the thieves were attempting to steal valuable coral from the sea bed when attacked. It's suspected they were consumed by the great white shark that's been plaguing the area. Their bodies were never recovered. Presumed dead.
          Philip FitzRoyce - Attacked and killed while attempting to lure the great white into a large cage. After the gate was closed, he attempted to escape by swimming to a sealed water hatch. When his safety line failed, he was swallowed and lodged in the creatures throat. A grenade found in his hand was crucial to killing the beast. Dead on Arrival.
          Sea World Technition - Dragged out of the parks underwater control room after the safety glass was shattered. Sea water found in the lungs shows he did not die from the flesh wounds he sustained, but through drowning. His body was found under the flooded control room with severe flesh damaged. Dead on Arrival.



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