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          2 Scuba Divers - A local fisherman spotted an expensive cruiser off Boston point with no running lights and a divers flag. After closer inspection, the cruiser was empty and an underwater camera was found drifting near the seabed. The divers were visiting the site where a small fishing vessel (The Orca) was attacked by a shark. Presumed dead.
          Terri Freeman - This woman was last seen alive while skiing behind a friends boat. Witnesses told authorities it seemed like everything was going fine, then she disappeared under the water. When her friend went to investigate, she only found a broken ski. The surrounding area was searched, but no body was found.
          Diane Coulter - When the Amity Police Department responded to reports of an exploding boat, they found the badly charred remnants of the vessel floating in the current. There was a strong scent of gasoline in the air and the driver was missing. Her badly burned body was found a day later floating near the beach. Dead on Arrival.
          Eddie Marchand - While on a sailing trip with many of his friends, his girlfriend thought it would be nice to enjoy some time alone from their friends. During this time they were attacked by a large shark. The only witness, Tina Wilcox, told police he was dragged into the boat and crushed by its keel. No body found.
          Jerry Baxter - This helicopter pilot was patrolling near the Amity lighthouse when he spotted a group of terrified teenagers on the ocean. He was attempting to tow them closer to shore when a massive great white shark dragged his helicopter under. His body was later revered from the wreak. Death caused from drowning. Dead on Arrival.
          Lucy Grover - Soon after the attack on the helicopter pilot, the floating cluster of crippled sailing boats were attacked by the shark. During the attack, a young boy was knocked into the water and this woman swam to help. While pushing the boy onto a nearby boat, she was attacked and killed. No body found.
          Jaws 2 - Police Chief Brody was well aware of a sharks sensitivity to sound under water when he went to the teenagers rescue. He used this knowledge against the beast by using a paddle against a power cable in the water. The shark attacked Chief Brody and received a mouth full of high voltage. No carcass found.



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