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          Lorian Stutick - This young girl was found in front of her house mutilated and left for dead. Autopsy shows multiple hairline fractures, a cracked rib and blunt force trauma to the head. Death caused by massive blood loss and brain damage. Closed-casket funeral is expected. This death is still under investigation. Dead on Arrival.
          Georgie Elmer Denbrough - Found laying face down in a street gutter near his families residence. Right arm is missing, forensics show the attacker ripped it right out of it's socket. No other injuries apparent besides some scratches on the skin due to the struggle. This death is also still under investigation. Dead on Arrival.
          Velma Daniels - Not much is known about this case. This young girls corpse was found by a farmer near the local water canal. Apart from her exposed internal organs she seems to have little, if any, other injuries. From the recent stint of local child murders, I suspect a serial killer might be on the loose and have informed police. Dead on Arrival.
          Greco - Due to the fact that this young mans body was never found... it makes this investigation nearly impossible. Children that witnessed the attack report this man was attacked by a clown that was stalking him. Besides this somewhat unbelievable information, little is known. Investigators are still searching for the body.
          Belch - Police report that witnesses saw this young man pulled through a severed air duct pipe and bent in half from the chest down. Although the body was never recovered... it's safe to say that this man is dead. The injuries described by witnesses coincide with other cases in which the victim was killed. Still under investigation.
          Stanley Uris - After receiving a call from an old childhood friend, Mr. Uris decided to end his life. His wife reported no suspicious activity until his corpse was found in the upstairs bathtub with his wrists deeply slashed. Before the blood-loss caused him him go unconscious, Mr. Uris managed to write the word "IT" on the tile. Dead on Arrival.
          Henry Bowers - Having escaped from a local psychiatric hospital, Henry Bowers tracked down an old school mate and attempted to kill him. While attacking the man with a short-bladed knife, Mr. Bowers gets the weapon jammed into his ribcage. The wound punctured his liver which soon caused him to bleed to death. Dead on Arrival.
          Daniel Huckston - While playing in a creek near her home, this victim was severely mutilated and thrown into a ditch. Police found her corpse the following day and started a murder investigation. Not much is known about this child or her murder. All that can be confirmed is that the mutilation was the worst seen so far. Dead on Arrival. 
          Eddie Kaspbrak - Injuries on this corpse are focused mainly on the chest region. The chest seems to have been crushed by a large pinching type structure which caused his death. With his ribcage nearly flattened, he could not get sufficient oxygen into his lungs. Police refuse to close this case until more evidence is found. Dead on Arrival.
          Pennywise the Dancing Clown - Witnesses report that after getting a silver earring thrust into his chest he tried to escape back to the cave in which he was living. In route, he was cut off by the remaining four pursuers and his heart was ripped from his mangled body. Body was never found and it's likely it will stay that way.



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