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          In the world of stunts and acting, it's hard to get much better than this beautiful and extremely talented woman. She has worked in films (Vampire Playmates), television (Upright Citizens Brigade), theater. (Once Upon a Time in Chinese America: A Martial Arts Music Theater Epic), and music videos for Puff Daddy, which have been seen and enjoyed by many.
          Vera was kind enough to accept our offer for an interview and let all you crazy fucks enter her mind. So grab a beer and enjoy!

          Out of all the films you’ve been involved with, which one was the most enjoyable to work on? Why?

          - I've enjoyed getting my butt whipped and doing some butt kicking on many projects but the recent two which are the most outstanding in my mind were quick cameos. In one called "Strange Things Happen At Sundown", I come in and see a vampire kicking in the skull of my poor boyfriend so I whip out a frenzy of kung fu and take a fighting stance only to be mauled a moment later. The other was for a fetish Matrix theme party for the multi screen video loops where I got to be a sexy Agent Smith fighting Neo and Morpheus look alikes - we also got to do a large group fight scene live at the party.

          While preparing for a role, do you use any special technique to get yourself ready?

          - I do some stretches... warm up my back... bend over...

          Who is your favorite actor? Actress?

          - Well, Jackie, Jet and Michelle Yeoh of course! Although I highly respect Mark Dacascos as well.

          What is your favorite line that you’ve ever said in a film?

          - "It's because you think I'm ugly..." 

          Have you always been interested in the horror genre? If so what is the earliest/first memory you have about something horror related that you enjoyed?

          - No, I just fell into it by accident. I was training Wu Shu with a friend of mine who was teaching class when I was in Grad school and he told me about this vampire film that needed martial artists so I gave the director a call and went from stunt woman to star of that project. I always enjoy the fact that if you were in a relationship in any of those movies, the couple would be the first to die. My big question is: why IS it that the virgin/single chick always gets to live? Just what are they trying to say here... :)

          The format of virgin-survivor horror films has always been tucked in the back of my mind also, Vera. My thoughts are that since this style of the horror genre began in our parent’s childhood years, the underlining meaning of these horror films being to “warn” about the consequences of fornicating and “being a rebel,” that these views were a reflection of the dominant American culture of that time. This form of subliminal messaging didn’t stick very well with viewers, but still is seen in most horror films today but I think this will slowly fade as we continue into the new millennium.

          What projects have you recently finished and do you have any projects in the near future for us to watch out for?

          - I've been laying low for awhile (training) but there will be some great stuff coming up in the future.

          Are there any projects/scenes that you regret being involved with? If so, why?

          - Since I don't do nudity (I'm a really shy girl :), I haven't really regretted doing any scenes. I've regretted getting hurt during live performances and I regret doing stunt work before I learned how to do it properly without getting hurt (padding anyone?). I've regretted some acting I did where I wasn't yet trained so I shudder every time I see that. Otherwise it's been peachy!

          Do you have an interesting story that you’d like to share about a personal experience in filmmaking?

          - I was actually on the other side of the camera doing special effects makeup (I'm a pro makeup artist as well) on an NYU thesis film where there were three midgets I had to paint into green aliens. They had the mirror disco ball antenna and everything! Whenever anyone asked me why I looked so tired the next day I would reply, "I spent the day yesterday chasing little green men".

          Who is your favorite horror movie villain and which of their films is your favorite?

          - Elizabeth Berkley in Showgirls. Frightening!

          For my final question. How do you feel about the direction that the horror genre is heading?  Do you think it has gotten better or worse since your beginnings in the genre?

          - I think with movies like "The Ring", horror suspense movies are going to have to take on more of a story based scare instead of - see girl - see girl chased by monster - see girl get slashed/shot/mauled/etc. - monster gets killed - hero creeps away - monster resurrects... blah blah blah. I'm not so much in the genre so I don't know. I mainly come in to do fight choreography and fight scenes and kick the monster's ass instead of running through a forest and tripping over a pebble.



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