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          Over the years, The Flesh Farm has had it's fair share of interviews with todays top in horror. But when we learned the"Ladies of the Evil Dead" were willing to be interviewed by us, to say the least, we were thrilled. It's not everyday that you get the chance to converse with three women that have became cult-horror heavy-weights, and to give up the chance would've been an insult to everything that is, was and will-be horror.
          Before we begin, we would like to point out how kind and wonderful these three ladies were to The Flesh Farm. They are some of the most down to earth and sensible people we have ever had the pleasure of interviewing and we strongly urge you to visit their website to learn more about them.

July 7th 2005

          So we hear that you guys have been busy with your families and new projects. Give us an update....

          - ELLEN: Well, how much space do we have? In sum: we've all been raising children, working in various businesses and doing some acting. For more details, check out our website: www.ladiesoftheevildead.com and click on each of our pages. Our latest project together is our documentary which will appear as the featured extra on the next release of the Evil Dead - due out in fall of '05.

          Lets talk a little about your work on Evil Dead. Did you guys save any souvenirs from your experience? If so, please explain.

          - BETSY: Did we save any souvenirs? Like bottles of karo syrup? Wooden beams, Tubes of latex? Vines? Fireplace tools? Some moonshine from Tennessee? No. When we were all finished with our filming, we chose to leave all those things and anything else behind, and just have the memories.

         We're any of you invited back to appear in Evil Dead 2 or Army of Darkness? If so, please explain your reasons for not returning.

          - BETSY: Well, if you think about it,  there wasn't much left of any of us at the end of Evil Dead to be actually considered a vital character in Evil Dead 2 or Army. The boys had asked me to return and portray Ash's girlfriend in Evil Dead 2, through a series of dream sequences, as one way of tying in parts of ED 1. I was a little uncertain about working with them again, and couldn't, because they were on a tight filming schedule, and I was just about to have a baby..... so the timing wasn't going to work.

         Are there any fun stories from your Evil Dead experience you'd like to share with us?

          - SARAH: Well I don't know if I'd call it fun but we actually did get to see alot of the footage within days of shooting. We all reviewed it, sort of, when we were awake.
            One of the many surreal moments - is after a long night of shooting all of us coming home sticky with Karo and frozen and exhausted beyond our wildest imagination, but the dailies had arrived so instead of going to bed we all sat around the living room watching what we had shot a few days earlier. Needless to say, we all fell asleep while watching. I remember waking up to the flicking sound of the film going round and round on the projector, I looked around and everyone was sound asleep. I tiptoed into my bed. Sam kept us focused by shooting in no-where's-ville! There wasn't anything to do but shoot a movie, so, that's just about all we did.

         It states in Bill Warren's, "The Evil Dead Companion" that some of the locals fed you guys moonshine while you were filming. Anyone ever over-indulge themselves?

          - BETSY: The locals always tried to be very hospitable.... and did offer us moonshine. Over-indulge?  More than just a couple of sips of local Tennessee moonshine was just about all anyone would need in order to feel 'mountain highs'. That stuff is strong. It can start cars... It can heat homes. It can burn away hillside brush. Yup - I guess you can say once or twice we had more than one or two sips.

          We hear you just made an appearance at 2005's Weekend of Horrors . Have you guys ever had any scary experiences with obsessed fans? Stalking, sending numerous love/hate letters, rubbing themselves in peanut butter and proposing, ect.?

          - ELLEN: Hmmm.....the peanut butter thing sounds interesting, however we really haven't had any major problems with fans at all. For the most part they've been very nice, respectful and generous. Even the guys who are young enough to be our sons (which would be most of them) tell us we look even better than we did in the movie! We love our fans!

          It has also came to The Flesh Farm's attention that Ms. Ellen Sandweiss has just starred in Dante Tomaselli's, "Satan's Playground." Ms. Sandweiss... how did you come about acquiring this role? Did you enjoy the experience?

         - ELLEN: I LOVED the experience! A few years ago Dante and we Ladies were featured in the same issue of Rue Morgue magazine, so Dante saw that I was still out there. He's a huge Evil Dead fan, so he e-mailed me and asked me to be in his next film. Last year we shot the movie in New Jersey and it should be coming out real soon. It was a great experience - I'd love to work with Dante again.

          Ms. York... I have heard the samples of your voiceover work on theresatilly.com and I'm very impressed. Has anyone ever told you that you sound very similar to Adrienne Barbeau's portrayal of Stevie Wayne, the lighthouse radio DJ, in John Carpenter's, The Fog?

          - SARAH: You have a good ear, Ms. Barbeau and I often audition for the same things, we've had the same agent for years.

          Ms. Baker... It states on ladiesoftheevildead.com that you now own and manage a successful motor home rental business, converting them into fully equipped production and make-up vehicles for the television commercial business. How did this come about and which of your motor home projects are you most proud of?

         - BETSY: It is true -- nearly 20 years ago I started a motorhome rental business, designing interiors of motorhomes to use during the shootings of tv commercials and films. Over the years, we've had lots of celebrities and sports stars in our motorhomes -- and lots of production people working hard inside at their desks inside. This was a venture that my husband realized was a necessity on a set 20 years ago, when portable phones and faxes were just becoming popular outside of the office. The fact that I could run this business and have a clientele of well-known production companies and celebrities requesting our motorhomes, while raising a family, is an accomplishment in itself, in my humble opinion.

          Are you guys fans of the Horror genre? If so, what are a few of your favorite films?

         - SARAH: I think it's safe to say we'd all prefer comedy!

          Any news on Evil Dead 4? Will any of you be making an appearance?

         - ELLEN: From your lips to Sam Raimi's ears!  The answers to those questions are: I don't know, and I don't know.

          For my final question. How do you feel about the direction that the horror genre is heading? Do you think it has gotten better or worse since your beginnings in the genre?

          - SARAH: None of us were ever really big Horror movie fans.  We all ended up in this movie for various reasons none of which are because we wanted to do a SCARY movie.  Part of the charm or naiveté of the three of us is that we just realized ED was a hit about four years ago, that's how unaware WE are of the genre. Betsy called me in Los Angeles where we both live, to tell me she had been contacted by a large theater, looking for the cast to be guests for the evening. Needless to say, she was thrilled that they called and both of us ended up going that night to do a Q&A and shocked to find fans wrapped around the building waiting to get in. Afterwards, we located Ellen and decided it was time to come out of the grave and see how our performances were still scaring people after 25 years! The only other Horror movie we all saw was The Grudge.  And the only reason was because we got to hang out with our old pals Sam, Bruce and Rob, otherwise we all might have stayed home and gone to bed early.



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