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          Although Katharine Leis is relatively new to the genre, she is not to be overlooked on this exploration into the macabre. Her work in "We're Coming To Help You" and "Phobias" was stunning and topnotch talent to say the least. Katharine even directed, produced, and starred in a comedy called "There's a Caterpillar in My Bok Choy." Now I call that a dedicated woman to film!
          Besides film, Katharine is a very talented model. She has modeled for such people as Rey Villavincencio and Bill Gunter and also had posed for many photography companies such as New Age Photography. Make sure to keep an eye out for Katharine in the future!

          Thank you for this interview Katharine! My first question is…out of all the films you’ve been involved with, which one was the most enjoyable to work on? Why?

          - You are very welcome and thank you! Honestly, being in movies is always a real thrill. There are some that have a person or two who is less than likable, but that's true of most jobs and situations in life. In everything I've been in, I've learned so much. It's such a fun yet stressful process, but it really makes time stand still and there is nothing I'd rather be doing than working in movies.

          While preparing for a role, do you use any special technique to get yourself ready?

          - I took acting courses in college, and a few outside workshops, but most of what they taught was a bunch of bunk. Then I had the luck to find out about Yvonne Suhor, and took her classes for a year. My gosh, what didn't I learn from her?!? There are a lot of different ways to prepare, but mainly I try to think like the character. I memorize lines but not actions, as I was taught and firmly believe that the best actions and gestures come naturally while the scene is being played out. That probably wouldn't work well in an action movie and I'd get clobbered in the mug, but I haven't done one of those yet so I can't say for sure.

          Who is your favorite actor? Actress?

          - I have a lot of favorites. Most recently, I watched "Unfaithful" on DVD and thought Diane Lane was just incredible. In horror, Brinke Stevens and Debbie Rochon win hands down. Not that anyone else is bad, but they just really stand out to me as being special. They are interesting to watch onscreen even when they are saying nothing. I don't think that's something you can learn, it's either there or it isn't.
          As far as actors, Johnny Depp. He has been every kind of character and never ceases to amaze me. Ed Wood, Edward Scissorhands, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, From Hell....I think he's the one person in Hollywood who doesn't need to fear being typecast. 

          What is your favorite line that you’ve ever said in a film?

          - "Shut up Mable, there are no sheep in the refrigerator." OK, I never really said that in a movie, but it would be a good line, don't you think?

          Have you always been interested in the horror genre? If so what is the earliest/first memory you have about something horror related that you enjoyed?

          - Of all the movies I saw when I was a little puke, the ones I remember the most vividly are the horrors. I know a six year old isn't supposed to be up at midnight watching "The Shining" on tv, but heck, stranger things have happened. That movie gave me nightmares for years. Romper Room and Sesame Street had much better sing-a-longs, but just weren't quite as powerful. 
          I think the best thing about horror is that it evokes our most primitive reactions. Dramas can make you cry, comedies are supposed to make you laugh, but nothing can make your muscles tighten up, your heart beat like crazy and cause you to check and make sure all the doors are locked for hours after it's over than a good solid horror flick.

          What projects have you recently finished and do you have any projects in the near future for us to watch out for?

          - I recently finished a short movie....a drama I directed called "Perspective." I didn't act in it, but it was probably one of the greatest experiences I've ever had in my life. For the future, I am currently working on two horror scripts, one about witches called "Spells," and the other is yet untitled but is about a serial killer. I totally lucked out on that one. I have a consultant for it who is an expert in studies of serial killers, and I am finding out that truth really is stranger, and much more terrifying, than fiction.

          Are there any projects/scenes that you regret being involved with? If so, why?

          - First impulse would be to say yes. But the truth is, every negative can be turned into a learning experience. Plus, in the immortal words of Beavis, "If you didn't have stuff that sucked, you wouldn't know what was cool."

          Do you have an interesting story that you’d like to share about a personal experience in filmmaking?

          - I don't think there's one story in particular, but overall, I wish everyone could see what goes on behind the scenes of movies. The whole process is really fascinating. So much time, thought, and preparation goes into every minute that ends up on screen. It's probably a cliché or at least somewhat cheesy to say, but watching scripts "come to life" is nothing short of magical.

          Who is your favorite horror movie villain and which of their films is your favorite?

          - Immediately pops into head: Freddy, Michael Myers, Jason...I don't think I can decide between the three, but the first Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, and Friday the 13th are three movies that I think will scare the tomatoes out of me no matter how many times I watch them. The villains are so cold...you know that if you were to meet up with them, nothing you could say or do would help. You'd be finito as soon as they caught up to you.

          For my final question Katharine…. how do you feel about the direction that the horror genre is heading? Do you think it has gotten better or worse since your beginnings in the genre?

          - I think it's gotten worse and better. So that'd probably mean it's stayed the same. Er....no. I think with Independent movies and DV cameras becoming more and more inexpensive and popular, there's just a lot more out there.
          On the one hand, great horror stories that may never have seen the light of day are being made into movies as a result, but on the other hand, some really crappy stuff is being churned out and peddled, too.

          I think that unfortunately, the best movies don't always have the best salespeople, and the best salespeople aren't always pimping the best movies.

          With lots of horror sites and forums reviewing movies, the really good movies and people will be encouraged and I think eventually the not so good ones will be weeded out.



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