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          Most people know Jonathan Tiersten from his role as the protective brother, Ricky Thomas, in Robert Hiltzik's: Sleepaway Camp. Jonathan has been a musician throughout the years and started his own band called "Ten Tiers." Being a musician myself I was impressed with the music and wish them the best.
          The Flesh Farm had the chance to catch up with Mr. Tiersten to get some info on his upcoming film Return to Sleepaway Camp and ask him some of the questions that you Flesh Farm fans have been sending in for him. Don't forget to check out the Ten Tiers website and keep supporting this actor who is fiercely underrated.

          Lets start with some questions about your acting career. How did you come about getting the role as Ricky Baker in Sleepaway Camp?

          - I auditioned in New York City. I had an agent and all that jazz. Robert and I hit it off immediately.

          What was your acting experience up until this point?

          - I had done a national pepsi commercial.

          Did you keep any souvenirs from the whole Sleepaway experience?

          - I kept some of the clothes but I don't have any more.

          We've heard that there was some tension behind the sets with you and some of the boys hired to play the roles of the camp bullies. Is this true? If so, could you elaborate?

          - That could not be farther from the truth. We all became very good friends. We drank much beer together.

          We've heard you are playing the role of Ricky Baker again in the upcoming Return to Sleepaway Camp. What can you tell us?

          - I will be returning as Ricky in the new film. His name is Ricky Thomas, by the way, Angela's last name is Baker. Ricky now works driving a bulldozer and is a little fucked up from his life experience.

          We also hear that Ms. Felissa Rose is also in the film. Was it nice seeing her again? Have you kept in touch since the filming of Sleepaway Camp?

          - Felissa is not in the new film although she worked as an associate producer and creative consultant. She is really great and beautiful and talented and my best friend. We have been very close the last five years or so.

          Here at The Flesh Farm we've been hearing a lot about your music project Ten Tiers. Tell us about this.

          - Ten Tiers is the most important project in my life. When you wash away all the other bullshit I am a songwriter. Nothing more. Nothing less. Ten Tiers will have a song on the soundtrack of the upcoming film.

          Do you run into any Sleepaway Camp fans at shows?

          - Yes believe it or not. They are always the nicest people.

          Where can fans catch a show? Are you touring or playing around your hometown?

          - We are playing in Denver on Jan. 2 at a place called The Blue Mule. We will be playing in Phoenix in Feb. and we are shooting for New York, LA or Vegas for the spring.  Go to tentiers.com for info.

          While preparing for a role, do you use any special technique to get yourself ready?

          - I was trained in method acting so I try to recall alot of that. For film you have to be very subtle as well. I like to be physically charged. Relax and focus.

          What is your favorite line that you've ever said in a film?

          - "Eat shit and live Bill."

          Do you have an interesting story that you'd like to share about a personal experience in filmmaking?

          - Filmmaking has got to be the most twisted and unrewarding venture for 99% of the people involved until you see that final project. Director Robert Hiltzik and I were walking off set at 6am and he asked me "Why do I do this shit?" I thought about it alot and realized that was precisely it. We do it for the experience and the memories. I said it was too bad Hancock NY didn't have a bowling alley. He said they did and so a bunch of cast in crew went bowling in this little village of Hancock. It was fucking great and you know what? We did the same damn thing 20 years earlier in Glens Falls. I'd do it for free. Well almost.

          Who is your favorite horror movie villain and which of their films is your favorite?

         - Linda Blair. I didn't sleep for a year. The Exorcist.

          For my final question…. How do you feel about the direction that the horror genre is heading? Do you think it has gotten better or worse since your beginnings in the genre?

          - I think there have been some good ones lately. The Ring was cool. I think too many directors get confused by the difference of horror and gore. Gore is cool but it is a different genre. Like Peter Jackson's Dead Alive. A good horror film doesn't need that much gore. Check out Psycho.



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