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          Aunt Elizabeth - Found hung in her house by a young man who helped around her house. By the time police retrieved her body her head was nearly severed from the rope. Relatives tell me she thought there were ghosts in her house and the house was alive. Mental illness might have pushed her over the edge. Dead on Arrival.
          7 Vietcong Soldiers - All killed during the Vietnam War when an allied patrol and vietcong patrol crossed paths. All died of blood loss after they were shot with AK47's. Only one allied loss... a man fellow troops called Big Ben. Intelligence reports he was tortured for weeks before he expired. Dead on Arrival.
          Sandy Witch - One of the more violent deaths of the film.... further examination of the corpse shows 2 shotgun slugs the the chest, sickle to the upper chest, pitchfork to the neck, axe to the upper chest, and decapitation by trimming shears.  Died instantly after decapitation. No other information available. Dead on Arrival.
          Big Ben - Reports conclude this man was shot multiple times then tortured for weeks by the Vietcong. The main cause of death was an explosive device jammed into his ribcage. After detonation, only his lower half was recognizable for identification. Police are still researching the history of this man and his cause of death.  Dead on Arrival.



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