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         A shady L.A. detective finds himself lost in a darkly nightmarish world of evil when he solves the mysterious puzzle box that releases the diabolical demon, Pinhead!  As those around him begin to meet tragic fates, he sets out to conquer the horrifying Pinhead and escape eternal hell!

"Welcome... to Hell."
              - Pinhead

         The Hellraiser series has been idolized and adored by horror fans across the world since 1987 when Clive Barker's original Hellraiser was released. I seriously doubt that Barker had any idea what a massive string of sequels his gore-fest would unleash, but I'm sure he's seen them and I'm sure he's pressed his head into his hands in embarrassment multiple times.
         Hellraiser: Inferno is the fifth installment dealing with the leather-clad, death dealing Cenobites and their leader Pinhead. We follow Detective Joseph Thorne (a coke sniffing, adulterous and all around immoral man) as he hunts a mysterious man known only as "The Engineer." His hunt begins after he inadvertently opens a strange puzzle box and is framed for the murder of a local prostitute. As he tracks down his elusive suspect he begins to experience very strange and disturbing hallucinations, or so he thinks. His hunt continues until he finally discovers The Engineer and more than he originally bargained for.
         First off, this shouldn't even be considered a Hellraiser film. It sounds as though it would be, but it's actually a "who-done-it" detective film with some badly designed Cenobites peppered in for the Hellraiser feel. Not only that, but Pinhead is in less than five minutes of the film! How can you make a Hellraiser film where the main character of the series is in less than 4% of the film?
         As I mentioned, the Cenobites in Inferno are laughable. There is no sense of understanding or background to them. Remember at the end of Hellraiser 2: Hellbound when Pinheads pack of Cenobites were slaughtered by Dr. Philip Channard? As they died they returned to who they were before they became Cenobites and as each one died it made you feel as though you knew that person was always there, trapped and suffering? Not here. The Cenobites in Inferno look like unfinished clay models where the artist drank himself to sleep the night before they were coming to pick up the finished model for casting. There are no facial expressions that make you feel any fear or understanding of what their purpose is. They just show up throughout the film to remind you your watching a cheap imitation of a Hellraiser sequel.
         I'm not going to waste anymore time reviewing this sack of wannabe Hellraiser horse shit. If you want to waste your time, by all means, pick up a copy of Hellraiser: Inferno.

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          - At the end of the credits it says "Soli Deo Gloria" (translation: To the glory of God alone).

          - Filmed on a budget of $2,000,000.

          - The actress Sasha Barrese is credited at the beginning of the movie as "Sasha Berrese". At the end of the movie, in the credits list, the error is corrected.

          - In the close up of Thorne dropping his keys in a dish near the beginning of the movie, his keys are for a Dodge vehicle, but he drives a Cheverolet sedan.



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