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         John Doe #227 - After police were called to a popular night club, The Boiler Room, they found this man severely injured. He was found with approximately 15 hooked chains dangling from his body. Upon arrival to the hospital, the chains seemed to come to life, pulling his head apart. No other information available at this time.
          Srg. Summerskill and multiple soldiers - During a dream sequence, Joanne 'Joey' Summerskill witnesses her father get killed along with multiple soldiers in his platoon. Srg. Summerskill sustained a gunshot wound to the upper chest which caused massive internal bleeding. Other soldiers also sustained various gunshot wounds. All dead on arrival.
          Brittany Virtue - After being seduced by the owner of 'The Boiler Room', J.P. Monroe, this victim was brought back to his bedroom where they engaged in sex. Afterwards, she was viewing some nearby art when a statue came to life, peeling off her flesh and sucking her inside. Her face was permanently embedded. No body found.
          J.P. Monroe - Also suffered his fate from the mysterious statue. An ex-girlfriend, Terri Maxwell, pushed him near the statue after knocking him unconscious. He was soon pulled near the statue where two pistons were jammed through his skull. Massive damage to the brain tissue caused death soon after. No body found.
          Terri Maxwell - Circumstances surrounding this woman's death are still unknown. Only available information is that she was last seen entering 'The Boiler Room' night club around 10:00 P.M. the night she disappeared. Witnesses later reported they saw a woman matching her description during a riot later on. No body found.
          Hundreds of bar patrons - Victims in this slaughter were killed is every way imaginable. Multiple CD's jammed into the skull, a chunk of ice stabbed through the mouth, barbwire decapitation, people set on fire, brains removed and placed in jars, mouths crammed with pool balls, ect. All patrons dead on arrival.
          Daniel 'Doc' Fisher - Murdered during the massacre at 'The Boiler Room.' His corpse was found near the back of the establishment holding his severed head. The killer also placed his news camera on top of the neck stump, causing the body to look like a bizarre art piece. No body found.
          2 Civilians/3 Police Officers - Witnesses report these 5 victims were killed after being attacked by a gang of leather-clad demons. The civilians sustained fatal wounds to the heads. One had a hole drilled through his forehead and the other had CDs imbedded into his skull. Police officers died in a gasoline explosion. Dead on arrival.
          Pinhead/Captain Elliot Spencer - Lured into a dream where Captain Elliot Spencer could reach Pinhead and attempt to kill him. After his attempt failed, Joanne Summerskill transformed the box into a small dagger and used it to stab Pinhead in the chest. No body was ever recovered.



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