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          Captain Elliot Spencer - This man was well known for his obsession with the Lament Configuration and it's mystical powers. He disappeared after purchasing a small puzzle box which was rumored to be the key to the ultimate pleasure and pain. An investigation was conducted but turned up nothing. No body found - case still open.
          Ian Green (Mental Patient) - Medical documents state an extensive history of psychosis, schizophrenia and morbid hallucinations. He was being held, without treatment, in a nearby hospital where he disappeared from. Rumor has it, he was taken to Dr. Philip Channard's residents and was used in questionable experiments. Body has never been found. 
          8 Unidentified Victims - These unfortunate people were found hanging in the attic of Dr. Philip Channard's country home. They all display signs of cannibalism and mutilation. The extensive brutality of the attacks has left many of the victims unidentifiable. The FBI has been called in to conduct dental comparisons. All dead on arrival.
          Kyle MacRae - This medical student was also found in the attic of Dr. Philip Channard's country home. Cannibalism and mutilation are present but are focused mainly around the mouth and face. The reasons why he was even around Dr. Channard's house are still under investigation. Dead on Arrival.
          Dr. Philip Channard - This man's death is up for speculation. It appears that he's killed when attacked and made into a cenobite, but death is uncertain. His cenobite form is killed after the Lament Configuration is somehow solved and attacks him. Head is split in half at the jaw line. Dead on Arrival.
          Frank Cotton - Killed in the first film, and again in this sequel, Frank Cotton hasn't had the best luck. Witnesses claim he attempted to attack his niece Kirsty Cotton and she fought back. First a fire was started which melted the majority of his flesh, then his heart was ripped out by Julia Cotton (his former lover). No body found. 
          Julia Cotton - Brought back to life through the mattress she was killed on. It's suspected she was the cause of the mutilated corpses in Dr. Channard's attic. A witness at the scene told authorities that her skin was pulled off her body due to high winds in a tunnel. Sucked away from sight and never seen again. Presumed dead.
          10 Unknown Mental Patients - These victims were found hacked to pieces in a hospital observation room. Witnesses claim they were murdered by a large, creature-like, man who burst through the window and began attacking. The savagery of the attacks are some of the worst seen. These cases will remain open. Dead on Arrival.
          Female Cenobite - Impaled through the frontal throat and killed instantly. The tip of the stake penetrated an upper vertebrae causing the spinal cord to be severed. Body shows signs of years of abuse and torture. Scars are mainly focused around the neck and genitals. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Butterball Cenobite - Stake-like tentacle found impaled through the upper right chest. Weapon lodged itself between the upper ribs and penetrated multiple internal organs. Shock and blood-loss would have caused death extremely fast. Multiple fish hooks were also found imbedded in his chest. Dead on Arrival.
          Chatterer Cenobite - Found pinned to a rotating torture device with the same type stake which was used on the above victims. Unknown to anyone before his death, he was actually a 12-year-old boy resembling a tortured man. Sign are also present of years of strenuous torture. Dead on Arrival.
          Pinhead - Cause of death was due to a deep laceration to the throat. Broken blood vessels in the eyes indicate he choked on his blood for an undetermined period of time before expiring. As with the above three victims, his corpse shows signs of years of torture and physical punishment. Dead on Arrival.
          Moving Workman - Body discovered on the top floor of a house he was contracted to move. When his co-worker found him he appeared to have fallen into a bloody mattress, but on closer inspection he realized that the top of his body was missing. Teeth marks indicate cannibalism. Case still open. Dead on Arrival.



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