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          Oliver Parker - Blunt force trauma to the upper cranium and left jaw bone. Death caused due to blood loss and massive head injuries. Also found on the body are multiple bite wounds and suckle marks. No clotting around the wounds suggests this victim was eaten alive. No other information at this time.  Dead on Arrival.
          Dave Atkins - Similar wounds found on this victim as the above. Only apparent differences are the linear lacerations to the frontal cranium and fractures to the collar bone. Bite wounds on this body are more focused on the upper chest and middle legs. Again, cannibalism is apperant. Dead on Arrival.
          Raul Newney - Hammer shaped impact to the back of the head. While studying the victims neck it seems that the four punctures I found were cause by a human hand. The force to have inflicted these wounds would have been massive. Body also found mutilated and half eaten. Dead on Arrival.
          Larry Cotton - Circumstances surrounding the initial cause of death are still under investigation but what is certain is that this mans skin has been entirely removed. It seems that the skin was removed by ripping and tearing with teeth. Broken blood vessels in the eyes show this man was alive when his skin was removed. Dead on Arrival.
          Julia Cotton - Witnesses report this woman was stabbed in the stomach with a 5 to 6 inch switchblade. After death the body was moved into a nearby room and mutilated. Body found on bed with chains, hooks, and other metallic devices crammed into her flesh. Death caused by blood loss from the switchblade. Dead on Arrival.
          Frank Cotton - Survivors say a group of explorers from the further regions of experience wearing S&M/torture type outfits tore this man into nothing. Although these allegations sound extreme, it seems that they genuinely believe this to be true. Detectives are still searching for a body. Case remains open. Dead on Arrival.



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