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          May Neumann - Evidence suggests  this woman was dragged through a ventilation shaft which was used to aerate the mansions basement. Her decapitated corpse was found near the shaft, covered in three generations of maggots, indicating she was the first victim. Neck wound suggests a clean, single blow. Dead on Arrival.
          Scott Sturtevant - Body found hanging from the top floor of Garth Manor. Autopsy shows massive spinal damage to the 3rd and 4th vertebrae. Spiraling of the spinal cord indicates the victims head was twisted completely backwards. No other injuries found besides ligature marks around the neck. Dead on Arrival.
          Peter Bennett - The hedge-maze connected to Garth Manor was a popular tourist attraction for many years. I'm sure this mans corpse was not meant to be part of the attraction. A scythe was found impaled through his chest and pinned to the hedge. Massive damage to the internal organs quickly caused death. Dead on Arrival.
          Denise Dunsmore - A witness told police this young woman was discovered decapitated by her lover after they engaged in sexual intercourse. (Vaginal swabs confirm this.) Her head was later found staked to her torso in the Manor basement. Alcohol and quaaludes were also found in her blood stream. Dead on Arrival.
          The Manor Family (4 corpses) - The majority of these bodies were too decomposed to make an exact cause of death, but what is known is the three females were murdered and the male committed suicide. Females seem to have been attacked with an axe and the male died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. All dead on arrival.
          Unidentified Prankster - Two gunshot wounds found to the chest and left shoulder. It's still unclear as to why this person was at Garth Manor but it's suspected they were trying to prank and scare the kids. The costume being worn was made to appear like a member of the Garth family. Dead on Arrival.
          Seth Patten - Lacerations found on hands and deep puncture wounds to the left shoulder. Police report seeing this man earlier in the night claiming that people were dead up at Garth Manor... they thought he was drunk. The shotgun he stole from the station was matched as the gun used to kill him. Single shot. Dead on Arrival.
          Jeff Reed - Found dead near the walkway to Garth Manor. X-rays show multiple broken bones due to a fall from around 25 feet. The break to the 7th vertebrae caused the spinal cord to sever, instant death followed. No other injures found. Blood tests show negative for alcohol and drugs. It's suspected he was pushed. Dead on Arrival.
          Son of Garth Manor - Puncture wounds to the upper chest suggests a pitchfork was used. His corpse was found impaled to the Grath Manor front gate. The sole survivor of the massacre reported she was being attacked in the car which ultimately impaled him. Massive internal bleeding. Dead on Arrival.



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