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          When a group of teens win a contest to spend a night in Michael Myers' childhood home to be broadcast live on the internet, they believe they are in for a little fun and some free publicity. But, things go frightfully wrong and the game turns into a struggle to make it out of the house alive.

"Trick or treat, motherfucker!"
                  - Freddie Harris

         Halloween... ahhh yes. The holiday that seems to get better each time it rises out of the orange and brown autumn leaves. Too bad I can't say the same about every Halloween sequel that producer Moustapha Akkad has subjected us to.
         Speaking of Moustapha Akkad, did you hear about the bizarre circumstances surrounding his death on November 11th, 2005? Considering this is the last Halloween film Akkad was involved with, I find it appropriate to post this article I found about his horrific death.


'Halloween' Producer Dies in Jordan

Nov 11, 5:10 AM (ET)


AMMAN, Jordan (AP) - Moustapha Akkad, the Syrian-born producer of the "Halloween" horror films, died Friday from wounds sustained in the triple hotel bombings, a hospital official said.

Akkad died at 7:30 a.m. in a Jordanian hospital where he was being treated, said surgeon Dr. Yousef Qisous. He lived in Los Angeles and was reportedly in his 70s.

"He had bleeding in the lungs, his ribs were fractured and he died of his wounds and a severe heart attack this morning," Qisous told The Associated Press.

Akkad's daughter, Rima Akkad Monla, 34, also died in one of Wednesday's three explosions, said her mother, Patricia Akkad, Thursday.

A woman who answered the telephone at Moustapha Akkad's home early Friday said she was too upset to talk. A telephone message left at Patricia Akkad's Los Angeles area home was not immediately returned. She left for Lebanon late Thursday.

Three suicide bombers hit the Grand Hyatt, Radisson SAS and Days Inn hotels in the Jordanian capital, Amman, Wednesday night and killed at least 59 people, including the three suicide bombers.

Officials suspect Iraqi involvement in the attacks, which were claimed by al-Qaida's Iraq branch.

Moustapha Akkad, best known for producing all eight films in the "Halloween" franchise, also produced and directed "The Message" and "Lion of the Desert". Both latter films starred Anthony Quinn.

His daughter, Rima, grew up in Los Angeles an avid polo player who graduated from the University of Southern California in 1995 with a degree in international relations.

She pursued a master's degree in Middle East studies at the American University in Beirut, where she met her husband Ziad Monla, 35.

Her husband's family owns the Monla Hospital in Tripoli, Lebanon. The couple, married for six years, has two sons, ages 2 and 4.

"Rima is a totally American girl," Patricia Akkad, 64, said Thursday in a phone interview from her ex-husband's home in Los Angeles. "Here's an American who was over there and innocently killed for no

Akkad said her daughter loved living in Beirut.

"We all know the problems in the Middle East, and you never think it's going to touch you," she said.

Funeral services were scheduled for Friday in Tripoli.

"She was the light of everybody's life," Patricia Akkad said. "She put everybody else first."


         It's too bad there are so many uneducated, cult worshiping idiots in the world. (I'm referring to the suicide bombers, not Akkad.) I'm going to stop there before you get an earful about how much I hate 95% of the human race. But, one key factor with me... I don't strap myself to explosives and kill people because I disagree with their stupidity. Enough of this shit! To the film!

         I sling alot of shit sometimes at sequels 4-7 of the Halloween series and I don't plan to stop here. I just get sick of filmmakers assuming they know what the fans want to see and they go with it. WRONG. How often do you see a film studio reach out to the fans and ask them what they want?! Rarely. How often do you see a studio post casting auditions online for the fans to vote who plays what characters? Never. And do you know why? Because they don't give a shit, that's why.
         The storyline for Halloween: Resurrection is a joke. After the enormous success of reality shows such as Survivor, the studio hired Larry Brand (who has absolutely no impressive films) to write the script for a Halloween sequel which would involve, you guessed it, a reality television show with a bunch of teens in the abandoned Myers house. LAME! Even the name of the show is laughable, "Dangertainment." Is that supposed to be witty? So we have a bunch of kids in a house filled with cameras. Ok. What do you think the chances are that Michael Myers' decapitated corpse is going to rise from the grave and visit the house? Well, prepare for some praise about the film.
         As it turns out, Michael Myers was not killed at the end of Halloween: H20! This is usually predictable in these sort of series but normally the killer is temporarily halted on his murderous rampage by being killed but then resurrected by unfortunate circumstances. (Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, ect.) Laurie Strode actually decapitated a paramedic whose clothes were purposely switched by Myers so he could escape his impending capture. Why didn't the paramedic cry out for help while he was pinned against the tree? Simple. His windpipe had been crushed.
         This interesting change of events between films was extremely appealing to me. It was well thought out, executed perfectly and showed that Michael was more than just a mindless killer. It proved he actually has problem solving skills. Awesome.
         Will someone explain to me how and why Busta Rhymes was cast in a Halloween film? He sucks as an actor. Actually, I don't consider him an actor. I consider him a dried-up, pathetic rapper who thinks he can conquer the silver screen because he can jump around on stage with gold chains and entertain 15-year-old, pregnant white girls. Hey Busta, go busta nut somewhere other than the eye of movie goers. It's just not polite.
         I would give Halloween: Resurrection 2/5 stars. It has some good aspects (although not many) but it also reeks of money grubbing executives with Cuban cigars.

Cast & Crew   |   Pictures   |   Video Clip   |   Trailer

          - Was first named "Halloween: The Homecoming" but producers wanted a title that said Michael Myers is alive so in Feburary 2002, the film was officially named Halloween: Resurrection.

          - Was originally set for a release date of September 21st 2001, but producers at Dimension Films wanted the film to be stronger so reshoots took place from September to October 2001.

          - Director Rick Rosenthal previously directed Halloween II - 21 years earlier.

          - The Halloween: Resurrection trailer was first seen before Jason X which was released on the 26th of April 2002.

          - The name Jen Danzig is a reference to Glenn Danzig, the singer of the former Misfits leader whom wrote and sung the songs Halloween and Halloween II before the original movie was released. The two songs have little to do with the movies since their lyrics do not even touch the main plot.

          - Jamie Lee Curtis was contractually obligated to do at least a 30-second cameo, but she liked the script so much that she increased her involvement in the opening scene.

          - Tyra Banks' character's death was cut. You can still see the aftermath in the movie.

          - A picture of Josh Hartnett, who played Laurie Strode's son John in H2O, can be seen on the wall above Laurie's bed in the sanitarium.

          - The name of the psychology professor at Haddenfield University is Dr. Mixler. This is the same name of the doctor in Halloween II that was treated Laurie Strode and was killed by Michael Myers with a needle in the eye.

          - Three endings were shot regarding the fate of Freddie Harris.

          - Producers considered Danielle Harris who played Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers and Halloween 5 for a role in Halloween: Resurrection.

          - Michael Myers is not given credit for any of the murders that occur in Halloweens' 4, 5, or 6. A sanitarium resident even notes that Myers was not heard from for the twenty years between the events that occur in Halloween 2 and Halloween H20.

          - Bianca Kajlich cannot scream and her screams had to be dubbed in post production.

          - In the first scene at the college, Sara Moyer  is shown twirling her hair, much like Laurie Strode does in the class room scene in the original Halloween.



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