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          2 Smith Grove Doctors/1 Ambulance Driver - The badly mangled remains of these victims were found under the Millard Bridge on Highway 169. Police suspect the ambulance lost control due to a storm that was pounding the area. The patient they were carrying was not found in the wreckage and is considered armed and dangerous.
          Auto Mechanic - When police found this man he was hanging in his repair shop by tractor chains. Further autopsy shows a large puncture wound that entered through the chest and exited through the back, below the ribcage. The weapon was located near the corpse and it was found to be a 5 foot pole of iron. Dead on Arrival.
          Gas Station Attendant - Crime scene suggests this young waitress was killed after she confronted a man that just killed a fellow associate. Broken vertebrae and massive bruising around the neck shows she was strangled by someone with large upper body strength. First suspect was a distraught ex-husband. Dead on Arrival.
          Power Worker "Bucky" - After Haddonfield lost power around 9:30 P.M. on Halloween night, the manager of the local power plant drove to the plant to fix the problem. When he arrived he found this man's lifeless body. It appears as though he fell onto the cabling causing the system to overload, killing him in the process. Dead on Arrival.
          2 Haddonfield Police Officers - How these two men, who were fully armed, were over powered by one man still remains a mystery. The corpses of these officers show massive injuries to the torso regions including broken ribs, missing arms, internal bleeding, and major lacerations. Both cases dead on arrival.
          Ted Hollister - Body found approximately four days after expiration. Fourty-Seven bullet holes are confirmed after autopsy. Local residents are on trial for the death of this man after they formed a lynch mob to capture a serial killer on the loose. The mistook this drunk man who was stumbling through the park on his way home. Dead on Arrival.
          Deputy Logan - Found by the Haddonfield Sheriff's daughter, Kelly Meeker. This Deputy was posted inside the Meeker house guarding the front door when he was killed. Autopsy shows four breaks in the right arm, blunt-force trauma to the back of the head and other small abrasions. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Kelly Meeker - Found pinned to the living room door with a double-barrel shotgun. Detectives measured the distance from the floor to her feet which was 13 inches. Upper body strength of the perpetrator had to have been very high to cause this massive injury. Semen was also found on her stomach. Dead on Arrival.
          Brady Hoffmen - Semen found on the above victim was matched to this young man. His corpse was found spread out on the stairway of Sheriff Meeker's residence, battered and bloody. Markings around the neck and face show a large amount of force used to cut off oxygen. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          4 Lynch Mob Members - The majority of these victims were found spread down Highway 169 after they were thrown from the back of their truck. One of the men (pictured) was found with his jaw bone missing. Presumably ripped off by the attacker before being thrown from the vehicle. All dead on arrival.



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