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         Brigitte is an addict. After mixing blood with her late sister Ginger in an attempt to learn more about the condition, she has been infected with "the curse." Each day the curse in her grows stronger and she must increase her dosage of injections. When she is found laying face down in the snow after a near-escape from another beast, she is thrown into drug rehabilitation - locked behind doors without her life-saving antidote.

"So this is home, huh? Kind of has the Manson family charm."
              - Tyler

         I was somewhat surprised when it was decided to make a sequel to Ginger Snaps. Yes, the first film gained a cult following with the underground horror scene but they killed off one of the main characters! The character who holds the title name in the films, Ginger! So I was eager to find out how they planned to pull off a sequel without the main character. I figured Ginger had to still be alive considering she's on damn cover, alive and well standing with her sister Brigitte! Wrong. As it turns out, Ginger did bite-the-bullet and Brigitte (for some ridiculous reason, perhaps she knew a sequel was in order) mixed Gingers blood with hers so she could "learn more about the condition." Momentary lack of judgment anyone? Yes. But without this immaculate brain-fart, squeezed out so kindly by Brigitte, we wouldn't have this fantastic sequel.

         Katharine Isabelle, who plays Ginger, only appears in about 5 minutes of the film. She is a figment of Brigittes imagination who appears when the "wolf inside" gets closer to taking Brigitte over. When she does make an appearance, Ginger is constantly trying to make the transformation seem like something Brigitte wants. Almost like the preverbal "devil on your shoulder" concept. Always pushing you towards the wrong decision. But Brigitte is much stronger in the sequel than her "follow Ginger like a scared puppy" in the first film. She's still quite and withdrawn, but her spirit and drive are almost rock solid.

         As you already know, Brigitte is locked inside an institution for drug addicts after she's found passed out in an alley with injection "chicken tracks" up her arms. She's been injecting herself with the wolfsbane antidote she discovered in the first film. She's also been eluding a male werewolf who has been tracking her in attempts to mate. While locked up, she meets a young girl, nicknamed "Ghost", who claims she knows a way to escape. With Brigitte beginning to transform, the only way she can get her "fix" of wolfsbane is to perform sexual favors for a perverted employee who gives all the girls their drugs as long as they give head or spread their legs. So escaping sounds like a good plan.

         After successfully escaping, Brigitte and Ghost take refuge in Ghosts Grandmothers house which has been abandoned after a fire. They begin making preparations to kill the male werewolf after he tracks them to the abandoned house. They know it's only a matter of time.

         You'll have to purchase the DVD to find out what happens next. The ending is a shocker. (No not that kind of shocker) It's the type of ending which makes you think, "what the fuck?" the same way you did after seeing the ending of The Sixth Sense. Yep, it's a good one.

         The story still revolves around outcast young women who are lost in life and having troubles discovering who they are. I thought Brigitte slitting her wrists and keeping a log to see how fast they healed was brilliant. It fits in with Brigitte mental state and it also shows the viewer how fast the transformation is growing inside of her. There's one scene in the film that took me completely off guard. Brigitte is in a "healing session" where all the girls are laying on mats and listening to a motivational speaker. Everything seems like it's going fine until the speaker begins instructing the women how to masturbate properly. (See video clip below) Brigitte look up and every woman in the room is masturbating. I began laughing hysterically after my moment of jaw-dropping shock. Good shit.

         Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed is one of the better sequels I've seen. It didn't sell out, it stayed focused on what the fans wanted and it refused to incorporate the dreaded CGI shit they crank out these days. For me, focusing the film on Brigitte made it even better. I've always liked her character more. Lets be honest people, the more Emily Perkins the better.

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          - Shot back-to-back with Ginger Snaps Back: The Beginning.

          - The movie that Brigitte watches at Care Facility is Nothing directed by Vincenzo Natali, who was storyboard artist for the Ginger Snaps.

          - In the credits it says "No animals or werewolves were harmed during the making of this film."

          - Filmed on a budget of $3,500,000.

          - Shot entirely in Canada.

          - On the scene where Tyler injects Brigitte for the first time at the mental hospital, the content of the syringe varies from 1/3 to almost 1/2 full.

The blood on the closet door appears and disappears when Ginger is trying to get out.



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