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          Private Johnson - Records show this new member of the armed forces was slated to monitor the highly feared Jason Voorhees. When a group came to view the prisoner they found this man brutally murdered. Autopsy shows a large chain was wrapped around the victims chest until heart failure occurred. Dead on Arrival.
          Five Guards - These men were found killed in a variety of ways. Injuries include: neck trauma from a pipe, accidental friendly fire, broken limbs and ribs, strangulation with a chain, and crushed jaw from a rusty pole. These guards were trained to deal with hostel situations dealing with deadly felons. All dead on arrival.
          Dr. Wimmer - Found with a six foot pole jammed through his torso. Forensic tests prove the pole was thrown from a distance of approximately 25 feet. The wound caused multiple internal organs to rupture which ultimately killed the man from loss of blood. This man was responsible for the upcoming tests on the subject. Dead on Arrival.
          Sgt. Marcus - During autopsy it was discovered this man died from blunt-force trauma to the chest. A witness to the crime told police she saw this man get thrown through an iron door before he died. This would explain the fracture to the back of the skull and the injuries to the shoulder blades. Dead on Arrival.
          Adrienne Conopacky - Chemical tests around the neck shows signs that her head was cryogenically frozen. The majority of her face was found on the nearby counter smashed into thousands of frozen pieces. Other members of the crew report she was working on a new subject with a hockey mask. Dead on Arrival.
          Stoney Herbrez - Body shows signs of being stabbed through the stomach with a surgical machete and being strangled. Broken vertebrae at the back of the neck suggests the attacker had massive upper arm strength. The only witness (his lover) claims the man in the hickey mask was the murderer. Dead on Arrival.
          Azrael Lexington - Found dead in Cargo Bay 7 with his back broken. Further autopsy shows the break occurred between the 11th and 12th vertebrae. Blood tests show a high level of THC in his system, the mind altering chemical in marijuana. No other information at this time. Updates will be posted as we receive them. Dead on Arrival.
          Dallas Opus - Small fragments of metal taken from this victims face match the material used on the wall where his blood was found. This leads us to believe his head was forcefully smashed against the wall until he lost consciousness. Death soon followed due to hemorrhaging in the brain. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Sven Katzjeve - Multiple fractures found to the neck. It was believed he'd been strangled but further autopsy revealed a twisting motion was used to snap the neck. The force of the break was so great it severed the spinal cord, causing instant death. No other injuries apparent. Most likely jumped from behind. Dead on Arrival.
          Condor Jackson - Impaled on spiral antenna. Body was discovered at the bottom of the antenna because the weight of his body caused him to swirl around and down. Approximate fall was around 15 feet which caused massive devastation through the internal organs. Shock would've occurred nearly instantly. Dead on Arrival.
          Geko Chavez - Throat was deeply slashed by a serrated weapon of some sort. The weapon passed through the larynx and trachea which caused the esophagus to fill with blood, choking her. No ridges around the corners of the slash proves that no saw motion was needed. Just one slice with the weapon. Dead on Arrival.
          Kicker Dunne - Found cut in half at the waist. The upper half of his corpse was found approximately 10 feet from the lower portion. Drag marks in blood proves he was still alive and attempted to crawl away from his attacker. It's still unclear why the murderer didn't finish him off. Perhaps he enjoyed watching him suffer. Dead on Arrival.
          Briggs Valcez - This woman was discovered impaled into an anchor through her torso. The strength needed to throw a human high enough to impale them 8 feet up is staggering. The anchor ripped through many internal organs which caused immediate death. Blood tests show she may have been pregnant at the time of death. Dead on Arrival.
          Lou Dotsen - Body found hacked to bits in the cockpit of the spaceship. Similar markings around the wounds are found that other victims received, leading me to believe he was dismembered with a surgical machete. Body slashed into six separate sections and thrown around the cockpit area. Dead on Arrival.
          Professor Lowe - This victim was last seen by some members of the ships crew after they were planning a way to defeat the madman killing at random. He was later found decapitated after the killer appeared holding his severed head. One clean hit to the neck severed it from the body causing instant death. Dead on Arrival.
          Crutch Janson - Witnesses report this man had his face crushed into an electrical panel. Autopsy confirms this from finding a large amount of electrical burns and fractures to the face. Blood tests don't reveal anything suspicious. No other information is available at this time. Updates will be posted. Dead on Arrival.
          Kinsa Watersing - This victim was killed while attempting to escape the main ship in an emergency ship. Apparently she forgot to unhook the gas lines, assumed to be from inexperience, and ultimately crashed. No body could be found due to the location of the crash and the severity of the damage. No body found.
          Waylander Ryan - Witnesses at the scene tell us this man was attempting to fight Jason Voorhees when he was injured, then trapped, inside one of the ships bridges. He detonated the emergency explosives which caused the bridge to blow. Body was never found due to the conditions of space and damage. 
          Janessa Holy - Death occurred from being pulled through a metal grate after the hull of the ship was punctured. The gravity force was so great, it pulled her through the grating which mashed her into pieces. Body was never recovered and is still floating in space. No other information is available at this time. Updates will be posted. 
          Sgt. Brodski - Immolated in the "Earth 2" atmosphere while crashing through. It's rumored he also entered with the notorious Jason Voorhees. A young couple at a nearby lake told police they thought they were seeing a shooting star and went to investigate after it landed in the nearby lake. They found nothing. No body found. 



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