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          Coroner Richard Hant - This veteran of the coroner profession went missing after a brutal attack at the local hospital. When detectives examined the mangled heart of the corpse this man was researching, they discovered saliva suggesting cannibalism. Some feel the owner of the heart, Jason Voorhees, possessed him. Dead on Arrival.
          Howard Berger - The assistant to the above victim, this man was found on the floor of their lab with a horrifically mutilated face. The horizontal and vertical wounds to the face were compared with the metal grate of the nearby table and matched. Autopsy probe also found lodged deep in his neck. Dead on Arrival.
          Agent Grieco - Found at his hospital post with multiple puncture wounds to the face. Small traces of flesh inside these wounds were tested and found to be shavings of fingernails. It seems the murderer used the extreme strength in his hand to puncture the flesh until the man was rendered dead. Dead on Arrival.
          Agent Murphy - Also found at his hospital post with multiple puncture wounds to the face and neck. Similar traces of flesh inside these wounds were also tested and found to be shavings of fingernails. Wounds are concentrated more around the left side of the face and neck. No other information. Dead on Arrival.
          Alexis Harbon - Body located approximately 150 yards from Crystal Lake after she and some friends went missing. Autopsy shows a straight razor was used in a slashing motion which caused multiple deep lacerations. Death was caused from blood loss but the victim would've lost consciousness from shock. Dead on Arrival.
          Deborah Johnson - Stabbed through the back with a barbed wire spike that was found near the crime scene. The torso has been ripped in half from the ribcage up through the left shoulder, rupturing all crossing internal organs. Vaginal swabs located sperm which shows the victim was participating in intercourse when killed. Dead on Arrival.
          Lou Fellman - Owner of the semen found in the above victim's vagina. Tests on the time of death confirms suspicions that this man died shortly after his lover. Blunt-force trauma to the head is so severe the skull has been nearly shattered. Exploration into the brain matter shows early stages of brain cancer. Dead on Arrival.
          Edna Kurtzman - This woman was well known around town for being very promiscuous. It's suspected she was meeting one of her lovers when she was ambushed and killed. Her corpse was discovered next to her car with a broken neck and crushed jaw bone. Markings on the car door show she was crushed within. Dead on Arrival.
          Josh Burton - Multiple life threatening wounds were inflicted to this mans body before death occurred. Wounds include being shot in the head, implement with a fireplace poker, multiple areas of blunt-force trauma and bruised internal organs. One witness reports this man was the perpetrator in the below victims murder. Dead on Arrival.
          Diana Kipper - Long narrow puncture wound to the middle back. Weapon was found to be a tool that's commonly used to sharpen kitchen knives. Forensics discovered the weapon was thrown from around 15 feet into the victims back and slowly caused the internal organs to bleed. No other injuries can be seen. Dead on Arrival.
          Robert Campbell - Multiple life threatening wounds were also inflicted to this mans body before death occurred. Wounds include being shot in multiple places, run over with a car and being impaled on a barbecue skewer. This man is suspected of killing multiple officers at the nearby police station. Dead on Arrival.
          Officer Ryan - Found after her skull was crushed against a row of lockers. Right side of the skull took the most damage due to it being the contact point. Brain sustained massive injury from sharp skull fragments piercing multiple sections. No other injured can be seen. Information will be posted as it arrives. Dead on Arrival.
          Officer Mark/Officer Brian - These two members of the law enforcement community were found after their head were forcefully bashed together. Both men suffered extreme facial fractures although they were on separate sides. The position of the bodies suggest they were checking on another victim when attacked. Both dead on arrival.
          Ward Pennington - Killed while guarding the front door of his workplace. Both the Ulna and Radius have been snapped in half near the elbow. Blunt-force trauma also found to the back of the skull due to being thrown into the diners glass doors. Scabs found around the penis suggests extreme masturbation. Dead on Arrival.
          Diner Patron - Attacked while attempting to escape the diner. Others in the building told police he was thrown into the counter but recovered, only to be shot by a stray shotgun blast. Further autopsy shows this man was suffering from severe alcoholism. The liver has deteriorated from all the years of toxins. Dead on Arrival.
          Shelby Bensquis - This man's charred body was found burning on the grill that he had been serving up burgers for years. Majority  of frontal of body is burned beyond recognition but the face received the most punishment. Chemical tests show his face was dipped in the nearby deep-fat fryer for an undetermined period od time. Dead on Arrival.
          Joey Bensquist - Witnesses claim a sharp elbow to the face ended this woman's life. Fractures caused by the blow are extreme. The jaw has been completely unhinged from the upper portion of the skull, 14 teeth have been knocked out, multiple hairline fractures to the nose and minor bleeding from cuts. Dead on Arrival.
          Vicki Sanders - This victims mutilated corpse was found with massive injuries in the back of the nearby diner. She was found with a long barbecue skewer impaled through her torso and her skull nearly completely crushed. Markings on the sides of the skull suggest a pair of hands as the weapons. Dead on Arrival.
          Sheriff Landis - Being a 40 year veteran of the police community, it's still unknown how a man with his experience could've been killed the way he did. It appears the attack came from the front with a 10-12 inch bladed weapon. The wounds passes through the stomach causing massive internal bleeding. Dead on Arrival.
          Randy Boskins - Reports from Forest Green Police headquarters indicated this young police officer was involved in solving the local string of murders in the area. His mangled body was found with it's head nearly severed in the old Voorhees house. Some claim he was possessed by Jason Voorhees. Dead on Arrival.
          Creighton Duke - This man was well known for his unrelenting drive to find and kill the infamous Jason Voorhees. Witnesses claim he was attempting to distract the perpetrator when he was attacked. Arms of the perpetrator was wrapped around the victim and squeezed until death occurred. Multiple broken bones. Dead on Arrival.
          Jason Voorhees - Legend has it, Jason Voorhees could only be killed by a member of his family and with a special Voorhees dagger. After he was impaled with the dagger, many large hands from hell dragged him into the depths. The final hand to be seen was that of notorious child murderer, Fred Krueger. No body found.



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