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          Jim Miller - When Forest Green Police were called about a boat that had been anchored in Crystal Lake for five days, they investigated and discovered a horror show. This man was found in the lower cabin with his intestines ripped out through his stomach. A nearby spear gun was tested and found to be the murder weapon. Dead on Arrival.
          Suzi Donaldson - Also found on the mysterious boat on Crystal Lake. Body was photographed with a spear impaled through the chest in the storage space of the boat. Condoms and lubricants found near the bed leads us to believe they were planning to have intercourse. Died from massive internal bleeding and kidney failure. Dead on Arrival. 
          J.J. Catala - Known for her love of rock n' roll, she was seen by many around the ship playing her guitar before she went missing. She was later found near the ships boiler with massive head trauma. The shape of the wound suggested her V-shaped guitar was used as the murder weapon. Body went down with the ship when it sank. 
          Jason Newston - Friends of this victim told police he loved to use the ships sauna after his boxing matches. Some of the ships passengers went looking for him after he failed to return to his bunk and the sauna was their first and last stop. He was found with a hot sauna rock jammed into his chest. Body went down with the ship when it sank. 
          Tamara Herzog - Found by her friend, Eva Eiskins, in her cabins bathroom. Shards of a broken mirror were found strewn around the room which many ended up piercing her flesh. The most noticeable wound is to the chest which was inflicted with a large piece of mirror. Tests found she was suffering from HIV. Body went down with the ship when it sank. 
          Jim Carlson - The admiral left the deck with this man in charge. When he returned he found one of the ships harpoons stuck into his back. The struggle caused multiple vertebrae to be chipped and two ribs to be damaged. Some passengers assumed one of the deck hands was to blame. Body went down with the ship when it sank. 
          Admiral Robertson - It's suspected this admiral returned to the deck to check on the above victim when he was attacked. He was found by his own son propped on the steering mast with his throat slashed. The angle of the wound shows the attack came from behind and to the right. Body went down with the ship when it sank. 
          Eva Eiskins - Markings around the neck and fractures to the inner neck suggests strangulation was the cause of death. No other injuries are apparent besides some scars from an appendix removal surgery. Body was found in the ballroom of the ship. Why and how she got there are still being investigated. Body went down with the ship when it sank. 
          Wayne Burmingham - Body thrown into the ships massive fuse box, causing it to surge it's electricity through his body. Body was extremely mutilated from the amount of voltage. Electrical burns were so deep that charred bone could be seen. No other information or theories at this time. Body went down with the ship when it sank. 
          Miles Gartridge - When the admiral of the ship was discovered dead, many of the young men formed a lynch mob to destroy the murderer. This young man was one of the first to find his fate. Crime photos suggest a fall from a distance of 20-30 feet. Victim landed on the deck antenna which caused instant shock. Body went down with the ship when it sank. 
          Ships Deck Hand - The assumed murderer on the ship, he was being hunted by many of the passengers for the slayings. When they found him, he fell dead to reveal a fire axe deep in his back. When police did a background check, they discovered this man was wanted in Texas for warrants. Body went down with the ship when it sank. 
          Spitz - The New York Police Department received a call approximately 3:30 A.M. reporting two dead men in an abandoned alley. This man was found first, the apparent victim of a gruesome murder. One of his own syringes was used to pierce his back and rupture internal organs. Tracks on his arms show heavy use of heroin. Dead on Arrival.
          Dotsen - The second victim found, his head appears to have been bashed into a scalding steam pipe. Face has been burned badly but the cause of death was due to bleeding in the brain. NYPD has been dealing with this man for many years, a known trafficker for a local drug lord. Tracks on his arms show heavy use of heroin. Dead on Arrival.
          Julius Bennington - Viewing this body it's easy to see what the cause of death was. His head has been removed from his body with a forceful facial impact. Fractures to the knuckles and hands indicates he attempted to fight off his attacker. His head was discovered impaled on a night stick in a NYPD squad car. Dead on Arrival.
          Officer Dale Ostendorf - Many of the facts on this officers death are still unknown. Witnesses told detectives they saw him get dragged into the nearby alley by the perpetrator but lost sight of him. The FBI has issued a gag order on the case due to it dealing with an officer of the law. Further information will be posted. Dead on Arrival.
          Colleen Van Deusen - Body burned beyond recognition after a horrendous car crash. The above victims NYPD squad car was the vehicle involved in the accident. It's thought she and her companions were attempting to escape the murderer of Officer Dale Ostendorf when they lost control of the squad. Dead on Arrival.
          Charles McCullough - Found drowned in a barrel of sewage/acid rain. Multiple broken bones have been found on the x-rays from a possible fall from second story window. His daughter said she had last seen him approximately 15 minutes before he was found dead. Autopsy shows he'd been passing kidney stones. Dead on Arrival. 
          Unidentified Sanitation Worker - Found by a fellow sanitation worker about 13 hours after expiration. Extreme blunt-force trauma to the head with what appears to have been a wrench. Exploration of his tool belt found his wrench missing. Detectives fear this will be a hard case to solve due to lack of evidence and leads. Dead on Arrival.



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