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          John Shepard - This man was reported missing after he disappeared into the depths of Crystal Lake. His family, the only witnesses, told police he was standing on the boat dock near their cabin when it collapsed. Divers searched the area of the lake but no body was ever found. Still under investigation. Presumed dead.
          Jane Breinholt - A search party found this missing woman's decomposing corpse pinned to a large oak tree with a tent spike. The weapon entered just to the left of the thyroid gland in the neck. Minor damage to the spinal cord caused electrical spasms in the brain which in turn made the eyes roll back violently. Dead on Arrival.
          Michael Healey - Same search party that found the above victim, also found this man. A replica of the same weapon used (tent spike) was thrown into his back from approximately 30 feet. Forensics determined this by calculating the angle and force needed to cause the wound. No other injuries apparent. Dead on Arrival.
          Dan Kopperud - Found in the woods east of Crystal Lake with a large hole through his chest and a broken neck. The hole through the torso was found to have been caused by the murderers arm. The strength needed to cause this devastating wound would've been tremendous. Two vertebrae cracked near the spinal cord. Dead on Arrival.
          Judy Christiansen - While on a camping trip with her boyfriend (above victim), this woman was attacked while preparing for bed. Slash wounds down the rear of the tent shows where the attack began. Victim was beaten up against a nearby tree while still wrapped in her sleeping bag. Multiple fractures to the face and skull. Dead on Arrival.
          Russell Goodwin - Death was caused from an ax wound to the face. His clothes were in disarray as if he was undressing. It's suspecting he was disrobing to join a friend skinny dipping in Crystal Lake. Death has been ruled a homicide and the case will remain open until more information is secure. Dead on Arrival.
          Sandra Hill - Lungs filled with muddy water and bruises can be seen around the ankles. A detective at the scene said he'd seen markings identical to the ones on her ankles during a case where a woman was dragged under water and drowned. Seems the same happened here. Found naked. (Skinny dipping suspected.) Dead on Arrival.
          Maddy Huntington - The weapon used to kill this young woman was found to be a scythe. The blow was directed to the neck, cut off the airway and nearly severed her head. Her high-heel shoes were removed which she may have done to try and escape her attacker. Particles of straw and hay found in her hair. Dead on Arrival.
          Ben Gerrish - Found with his skull crushed. Abrasions and bruising around the head coincides with hand prints, suggesting bare hands were used for the kill. Tongue has been bitten off from the force of the attack. Also, a portion of the top skull has been pushed into the brain matter which caused instant death. Dead on Arrival.
          Kate Jensen - Tests to find the time of death concluded she was killed at nearly the same time as the above victim. Her corpse was found propped in a tree with a party horn embedded deep in her right eye. Horn caused massive injury to the brain which culminated in death. Semen found in vagina shows sex occurred soon before death. Dead on Arrival.
          David Lloyd - Last seen by his girlfriend shortly after having sex. Body was found in the kitchen with a 12 inch butcher knife impaled in his abdomen. Knife passed through his large intestine causing feces to be expelled into the blood stream. Head was later removed from the same weapon. Dead on Arrival.
          Eddie Moore - Death was caused by a single slash wound across the left side of the neck. Weapon passed through the Trapezius and Sternocleidomastoid which caused the blood loss to quicken. Wound stops approximately 1 inch from the cervical spine. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Robin Lunak - Multiple fractured bones due to a fall from a second story window. Glass from the window was also found in sparatic areas of the front of her corpse. Swabs taken from around her groin shows signs of semen, indicating sex shortly before death. Brain damage was also caused from the fall. Dead on Arrival.
          Amanda Shepard - Body found approximately 200 yards from her Crystal Lake cabin. Autopsy shows a large bladed weapon was used to stab this woman in the back. Multiple major organs were damage during the attack rendering her unconscious. Death would have followed soon after from blood loss. Dead on Arrival.
          Dr. Crews - Markings around the wound sustained to the abdomen shows a saw of some type was used for his slaying. DNA testing on his sweater found two other peoples blood. How this blood made it onto his sweater are still unknown. His notes show he was conducting a bizarre experiment at the cabin before his death. Dead on Arrival.
          Melissa Paur - Massive axe wound to the head. The force of the blow was so great the axe firmly embedded itself into the front of the skull. Her corpse was found behind a television in the main living room. Damage to the wall behind her indicates she was forcefully thrown into the wall before falling behind the television. Dead on Arrival.



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