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          Neil Cooke - (Dream Sequence) Victims corpse contains one deep puncture wound to the abdomen. The only witness reports the murder weapon was a large rusty machete that came out of the ground with the attacker. The wound caused massive outer and internal bleeding which rendered the man unconscious. Died soon after. Dead on Arrival.
          Les Lancaster - (Dream Sequence) Known as a good friend to the above victim and found near his corpse. A narrow puncture wound to the neck was found to have been caused by an icepick. The weapon ruptured the jugular vein causing an extreme amount of bleeding. Besides the placement, he met the same fate as his friend. Dead on Arrival.
          Joey Raven - Killed by a patient named Vic Jefferson at the Pinehurst Youth Development Center. Apparently there was an argument over a candy bar and it erupted into violence. The suspect, Vic Jefferson, attacked when the victim was walking away. Approximately 20 hack wounds to the back and right arm has been severed. Dead on Arrival.
          Vinnie Cronnelly - When police stopped to help this man with his car troubles they discovered a horrific scene. Victim was face down under the hood with massive burns to the face. It's suspected he was attempting to fix some engine troubles when attacked. Chemical swabs taken around the mouth shows a road flare was used as the murder weapon.
          Pete Owers - Found dead in the drivers seat of his classic car. Wound across the neck is consistent with other murders/throat slashing seen in the past. Particles of rust found in and around the wound suggests the weapon was old and may have been used in some of the other recent murders. Dead on Arrival.
          Billy Lonsdale - Found outside the restaurant his girlfriend worked at with an axe wound to the head. Fracturing to the back of the skull was so savage it pushed multiple sections of bone deep into the brain. No pain would have been felt due to the massive mutilation the brain sustained in less than a second. Dead on Arrival.
          Lana Forsyth - The weapon used to kill the above victim was also used on this woman as his blood was found in her wound. A single axe blow to the chest ended her life. Traces of a white powder was found on her hands which was later found to be cocaine. She was known as a hard-core user. Dead on Arrival.
          Raymond Joffroy - This middle-aged man had been traveling the country side taking odd jobs for cash. He had been working near where his body was found for a woman and her son when he was killed. A knife wound to the abdomen lacerated his large intestine causing toxins to be released into the blood stream. Dead on Arrival.
          Tina O'Neal - Only injury sustained by this woman was to her eyes and face. Particles of rust can also be seen in this victims wound. It seems a pair of garden shears were used to puncture the eyes then crush the front of the skull. Vaginal swabs found semen indicating she had recently had sex before she died. Dead on Arrival.
          Eddie Prestininzi - Semen recovered from the above victim was matched through DNA testing to this man. His mutilated body was found approximately 10 yards from his lover with his skull crushed. A leather strap with metal rings on the ends were made into a makeshift garrote and twisted around his head and a tree. Dead on Arrival.
          Anita Lincke - Slash wound across the front of the neck. Weapon sliced through the wind pipe causing her to instantly start gasping and choking on blood. Consciousness would have been lost quickly due to lack of oxygen. Traces of semen were found around her mouth indicating fellatio shortly before death. Dead on Arrival.
          Demon Fisher - Known by his friends and family for living in his van, this man was more than capable of fending for himself. His life was cut short after being attacked while in a tin porto potty near the Pinehurst Youth Development Center. A 5 foot pole of rebar was speared through the tin and through his chest. Dead on Arrival.
          Junior Borselli - Last people to see this man alive were some kids from the Pinehurst Youth Development Center at around 7:45 P.M. They told police this man had gotten into a fight with one of the centers students before speeding off on his dirtbike. He was found in his front yard decapitated. Dead on Arrival.
          Ethel Borselli - The mother of the above victim, she was found in her kitchen with a machete wound to the top of the skull. Broken glass around the murder scene was from the window directly in front of the sink. Police suspect the attack came from through the window. Head was found floating in the sink. Dead on Arrival.
          Jake Gower - Almost identical wound as the above victim is seen here. Blood trail found upstairs shows he was attacked in the hallway and then dragged into the adjacent room where he was finally left to bleed to death. Not much is known about this young mans past. Information will be posted as it is received. Dead on Arrival.
          Robin Riki - It appears this young woman was stabbed from below the bunk-bed she was sleeping on. A hole in the mattress and her blood around the area suggests this. The weapon passed through many internal organs before completely passing through the chest cavity. Found wearing only panties. Dead on Arrival.
          Violet Hayne - Bruising and fractures around the neck indicates her attacker held her in a choke hold before killing her. A machete wound to the stomach caused massive internal bleeding which rendered her unconscious soon after it was inflicted. Scars on the left forearm seem to have been self-inflicted. Dead on Arrival. 
          Duke McLaglen - Found butchered in his own ambulance. Multiple stab wounds can be seen to the lower torso as well as a slashed throat. Why this man was in the area his body was found is still being investigated. No other information is available. Information will be posted as it is received. Dead on Arrival. 
          Matt Bratton - This man was found pinned to a tree with a rail road spike through the head. Forensic tests on the railroad spike show there was no tool used to drive the spike into his head. It appears that pure strength was used to push it through. Autopsy of brain is impossible due to the damage. Dead on Arrival. 
          George Creedon - At some point during the night this elderly male was attacked by alleged suspect. His eyes were gouged out then he was thrown through a window. A large amount of glass has been removed from his flesh and many fractures were caused from being thrown. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival. 
          Roy Burns - This might be one of the most baffling cases in the whole film. Apparently this man, not Jason Voorhees, had been killing innocent teenagers around the area recently. The motive is still unknown. His body was found impaled on a tractor harrow near the Pinehurst Youth Development Center. Dead on Arrival.
          Pam Harford - One of the only murders that was not committed by Roy Burns. A mentally disturbed man named Tommy Jarvis knifed this woman in the local hospital while experiencing a hallucination. It's rumored the disturbed man was involved in the famous Crystal Lake massacre last year. Multiple puncture wounds to the chest. Dead on Arrival. 



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