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          Axel McKenzy - This man was the medical examiner at the Forest Green Hospital, which is also where his lifeless body was found. It seems a stainless steel surgical hacksaw was used to slash his throat and at some point after that his neck was broken. Body found in the cooling room with his head twisted backwards. Dead on Arrival.
          Nurse Morgan Chandler - A vertical slash wound from the bottom of the ribcage down through the navel can be seen. A surgical scalpel found near the corpse was identified as being the murder weapon. Broken blood vessels around the neck and up the right of the face suggests a choke hold was used to restrain her. Dead on Arrival.
          Unidentified Hitchhiker - The identity of this young traveler is still being investigated by local police. She was found by a farmer on the side of Highway 62 near the famous "Camp Blood" with a large knife jammed through the top of her chest and out through her neck. A crushed banana near the body suggests she was eating. Dead on Arrival.
          Samantha Williams - Found floating in a rubber raft in Crystal Lake with a knife embedded in her torso. During autopsy many small particles of yellow rubber were found in and around the wound. Chemical tests matched these with the raft she was found floating on. Appears as if the attack came from beneath the victim. Dead on Arrival.
          Paul Jackson - Police suspect this young man discovered the dead body of the above victim and was attempting to escape the lake when he was attacked. One massive puncture wound to the groin. Murder weapon entered to the left of the genitals, bounced off the pelvis and exited through the left gluteus maximus. Dead on Arrival.
          Terri Yaski - Similar wound found as the above victim but this wound was delivered to the lower back. The weapon crushed two lower vertebrae causing the spinal cord to be severed. The force at which the spear was thrown was so great it pinned this woman to the side of a house. Dead on Arrival.
          Mrs. Jarvis - Much about this case is unknown. This woman's children told police they last saw her around 8 P.M. the night of her disappearance. Seeing as how many people were killed that night, police have marked this case as "presumed dead." Anyone with information should call the Forest Green Police. 
          Jimmy Ketwell - Most notable wound is a diagonal laceration from a meat cleaver across the face. Left hand shows deep flesh wounds caused by a cork screw. Traces of speckled steel were taken from wounds to the hands that were later found to be caused by nails. DNA found blood around the nearby door frame as his. Dead on Arrival.
          Tina Yaski - Many shards of glass were recovered from this young woman's flesh. Body was found below a broken 2nd story window which explains the glass shards. Multiple fractures around the ribs, pelvis, left arm and left leg. Damage to the nearby car may have been where her mangled body landed. Dead on Arrival.
          Ted Knutsen - Autopsy shows a massive puncture wound to the back of the neck, just below the base of the skull. Small traces of the film screen he was found laying next to was found in the wound. Detectives suspect the attack came from behind the screen and the weapon passed through before entering the victim. Dead on Arrival.
          Doug Pratt - Skull has been nearly crushed. Small traces of human flesh found on the front teeth suggests the attacker used his bare hands. Throat has massive injuries from the glass door that was part of the shower he was using. Corpse found nude in the shower by his girlfriend, Sara McWilliams. Dead on Arrival.
          Sara McWilliams - When police found this victims body, she was lying on the basement floor with an axe firmly embedded in her chest. The axe passed through the sternum directly between her breasts and punctured multiple internal organs. Official cause of death was due to the massive internal bleeding. Dead on Arrival.
          Rob Shermack - Multiple minor wounds consistent with a fight can be seen. A garden harrow found near the crime scene has been shown to contain the victims blood. It's suspected this was used to wound his throat. Glass recovered due to being thrown through a window and a tent spike was removed from his right temple. Dead on Arrival.



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