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          Harold Silva - This victim was found in his families shed with a meat cleaver imbedded in his ribcage. The force of the blow damaged multiple organs causing internal bleeding and cardiac arrest. Normally this injury wouldn't cause cardiac arrest but the age and health of the victim were contributing factors. Dead on Arrival.
          Edna Silva - Found near the above victim with an 8 inch sewing needle jammed through her neck. Exploratory autopsy shows the needle entered just below the back of the skull and pierced into the lower section of the cerebral cortex. Pain would have been felt by the victim for several seconds before death. Dead on Arrival.
          Fox - Five deep puncture wounds in a horizontal line across the neck. Law enforcement reports they found her body pinned to a wooden rafter in a barn. A pitchfork was recovered and found to be the murder weapon. Besides track-marks from heroin use, no other injuries are found on her corpse. Dead on Arrival.
          Loco - Identical wounds found as the above victim only inflicted to the abdomen, not the neck. Organs began to fail after toxins from his punctured liver began coursing through his blood stream. Track-marks are also found due to drug use. Closer look at the liver indicates heavy alcohol abuse as well. Dead on Arrival.
          Shelly Nethers - Not much is known about this victims death. No witnesses have come foreword with information but ION News is asking for the publics help. Body was found with his throat slashed so savagely that his head was nearly severed. A small amount of flesh on the back of the neck held the head on. Dead on Arrival.
          Vera Tudesky - Spear gun  injuries are quite rare but this victim arrived at the morgue with just such a wound. The spear entered through the left eye socket and passed into the brain. Death would've been caused instantly from the massive damage to the neurological sections of the brain. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Andy Cerpenter - Police found this victims mutilated corpse propped and hanging from the rafters of the house he was staying in. Body shows a single massive thrust with a sharp weapon passed through the genitals and into the abdomen, causing instant death. It's suspected he was walking on his hands when attacked. Dead on Arrival.
          Debbie Hennen - Body found hidden in a cloths rack at the camp. DNA tests on the nearby hammock shows this woman was resting when a 6 inch knife was thrust through the bottom of the hammock and into her body. Knife entered between the shoulder blades and exited between the breasts. Neck injuries also found. Dead on Arrival.
          Chuck Shaffer - Multiple electrical burns are found throughout the body but are concentrated on the right hand and arm. Police suspect there was trouble with the electricity and this man went to investigate. Small traces of burnt flesh around the cabin's fuse box reveals the culprit. High amounts of THC found in his system. Dead on Arrival.
          Chili Jachson - Massive impalement wound to the abdomen. The weapon, a fireplace poker, must have been red-hot because the inside of the wound has been cauterized from the high heat. No other injuries are apparent. A high amounts of THC has also been found in this victims system. Dead on Arrival.
          Rick Bombay - Skull has been severely crushed. The pattern of cracks in the skull indicates pressure was applied from both sides of the head. The force was so strong one of the eyes was thrust from it's socket. Multiple shards of glass have also been removed from the body, presumably from being thrown through a window. Dead on Arrival.
          Ali - Markings around the face and shoulders show a bludgeoning with a wrench. White blood cell build up around those wounds shows they didn't kill him. Death was caused due to multiple machete wounds to the body. Some which were caused after the victim had expired. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.



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