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          Barry Shlack - Single stab wound to the gut. Autopsy shows that the blade severed the appendix and internal bleeding was the initial cause of death. Large amount of hay found lodged in ear canals and victim is suffering from "angel lust" This happens when the sexual organs are aroused at time of death. Dead on Arrival.
          Claudette Johnson - Circumstances surrounding death are unknown. Sources say she was found in a barn near her lover, Barry Shlack. It appears the couple entered the barn for privacy and were attacked by the perpetrator. Lab results still pending. This victims hometown police have opened their own investigation. Dead on Arrival.
          Annie Menwick - It's apparent that a slashed throat was the cause of death. Forensics show a large amount of force was used in a left to right motion to inflict the fatal wound. Further studies show hemorrhaging of the retinas. This was caused from the pressure of gasping for air. No signs of sexual assault. Dead on Arrival.
          Ned Rubenstein - Severed esophagus from a serrated hunting knife seems to be the primary death wound. Other injuries include two bruised ribs, laceration to the right calf, cracked 3rd vertebrae and some minor abrasions. This victim was well known around the camp as being a practical joke fan. Dead on Arrival.
          Jack Burrell - Extreme tissue damage done to the upper neck region. Lacerations show a puncture wound was made though the larynx and ripped up into the epiglottis from the rear of the neck. Sources indicate that fibers found in the wound might be from the mattress this man was laying on. Dead on Arrival.
          Marcie Cunningham - Found with an axe imbedded deep within her skull. Initial blow would have rendered the legs and lower potion of the body useless due to the area of the blow on the brain. Left eye socket and cheek bone were also crushed in the blow. Rape kits were performed because she was in her panties but were negative. Dead on Arrival.
          Brenda Kopperud - Body shows indications of rope burns. This shows that the victim was tied up, most likely to a tree, then slashed to death with a small unidentified knife. 232 glass shards were removed from the victims back but lack of clotting around the wound shows that these injuries were inflicted after death. Dead on Arrival.
          Steve Christy - Large knife wound to the abdomen. Although the victim did bleed out alot, internal bleeding seems to be the cause of death. Rigor mortis found in the body shows this man had been hanging upside down for at least 8 hours before he was discovered. Business records show he was an owner of Camp Crystal Lake. Dead on Arrival.
          Bill Maxwine - Multiple puncture wounds found to the extremities of the body. Law Enforcement indicates that the victim was pinned to a cabin door with a sharp object. This would explain the sawdust type material I've found in the wounds. No other information at this time. This case will remain open. Dead on Arrival.
          Mrs. Pamela Voorhees - Head found severed from her badly beaten torso. After examining the wound I have concluded that a large, baseball type swing, was used to sever the head. Machete found near the body was confirmed to be the murder weapon. It appears she was distraught over her sons death years earlier. Dead on Arrival.



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