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          Unknown victim - This young girls corpse was found approximately two weeks after she went missing from here Springwood home in 1981. Autopsy showed that she had been raped and sodomized before being stabbed four times in the chest. A predator named Fred Krueger was tried but acquitted of all charges. Dead on Arrival.
          Heather Kopperud - Skinny dipping in many states is illegal but that didn't stop this woman from enjoying the chilly waters. Soon after her swim she was found impaled by a machete on a large oak tree about 100 yards north of Crystal Lake. The blow was so fierce that the machete impaled the entire oak tree as well. Dead on Arrival.
          Trey Hutch - Police reports show that a party at 1428 Elm Street was where this man's body was found. Autopsy shows 11 massive stab wounds which entered his back and exited his chest. A broken spine is also found from the bed when it was folded violently. No other injuries found besides a cracked hip. Dead on Arrival.
          Mr. Mueller - When police found this man's corpse, his body was propped up on a bench outside of his residence and his head on the porch next to him. Inspection of the neck shows there was only one blow before the head was struck clean. Police are still investigating how the body stayed upright during the attack. Dead on Arrival.
          Blake Mueller - Found next to his slain father with a massive slash across his upper body. Defensive wounds were found on the forearms from lifting them for protection and a deep slash wound was also found to the neck. The angle of the wounds point towards a single deadly swing with the weapon. Dead on Arrival.
          Gibb Rhiem - Sources at the party say that the victim wasn't feeling well and fell asleep in a nearby cornfield. Sometime after, the party was disrupted by a masked man on a killing spree. Her body was discovered with a large chest wound while people were running for their lives. Blood-loss was the cause of death. Dead on Arrival.
          Shack - Known around the town as being a drug user and alcoholic, this young man might have sparked the rave massacre in a drug-induced stupor. His corpse was found with a machete punctured through his chest. Cauterization around the wound suggests the weapon was on fire or very hot when used. Dead on Arrival.
          6 Local Ravers - Killed during the madman's joyride of death. Deaths include: spear through the back, broken neck, massive slash wound to the lower torso, large slash wound to the upper chest, slashed throat, stomach punctures, and multiple other breaks and trauma. All of the noted cases were dead on the scene when rescue workers arrived.
          Lorrie Campbell's Mother - After the new string of murders and the escape of two juveniles from Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital, this case has been re-opened. It was suspected that this woman died from a car accident in 1999, but a new investigation shows she might have been murdered. Some say it was her husband. Dead on Arrival.
          Mark Davis - The death of this man is somewhat perplexing. The two witnesses, Lori Campbell and Will Rollins, told authorities that they were watching him through his window when his back burst into flames and four lacerations appeared across his face. The flames on his back seem to have spelled out the words, "Freddy's Back." Dead on Arrival.
          Asylum Guard - This man's body was found under an 85 pound steel door in the Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital. Dents on the outside of the door suggest this guard was investigating a disturbance near the door when it fell and crushed him. Multiple broken bones and cracked ribs have been found in x-rays. Dead on Arrival.
          Deputy Scott Stubbs - When I first witnessed this man's corpse, it was obvious that he had suffered extensive electrical burns, which ultimately killed him. Authorities found him in the control room of the Westin Hills Psychiatric Hospital after he had been dead for about 12 hours. This case is still under investigation. Dead on Arrival.
          Bill Freeburg - Friends that witnessed this murder claim that the victim didn't seem to be in his right mind when he was killed. They reported that he even seemed to have a different voice. His body was cleaved in two at the waist. No other injuries were found but there were traces of THC in his blood. Dead on Arrival.
          Camp Crystal Lake Counselor - Alot about this case is unknown. Kids at the camp told their parents the counselor was having sex with a male counselor when she slumped over dead. The counselor she was having sex with seemed to be badly burnt and was making crude jokes about the dead woman. Still under investigation. Dead on Arrival.
          Charlie Linderman - The few survivors of the Crystal Lake massacre say that the local legend Jason Voorhees threw this young man onto a rusty shelf rod. Further autopsy shows that the shelf rod injury did not kill him instantly. His body was found approximately 5 yards into the woods slumped over a tree. Dead on Arrival.
          Kia Waterson - Massive laceration across the breasts and back of her skull has been crushed. Also found is apparent trauma to the back of the ribcage which might have been caused by trauma from the tree she was found next to. No other injuries found besides some small cuts and bruises. Dead on Arrival.
          Freddy Krueger - Right arm amputated and found pinned through his chest with his own glove. Although many other injuries are apparent, including multiple broken bones, torn tendons and internal organ damage, the most prominent injury is the decapitation of the head. Police are still dredging Crystal Lake for more evidence. Dead on Arrival.



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