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          Al Williams - Four days after this man went missing 15 miles off the cost, his body washed onto shore. Autopsy shows a stab-like wound to the center of the chest which passed completely through his torso. Lack of fluid in the lungs shows drowning was not the cause of death. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Tommy Wallace - This man's body also washed ashore but with multiple injuries to the upper body. The curvature of the wounds to the back and stomach suggest a slightly cured weapon was used. Perhaps a scythe or a pitchfork. One dagger sized laceration to the heart was also found indicating the cause of death. Dead on Arrival.
          Dick Baxter - Evidence of deep penetrating wounds in each ocular orbit entering into the cranial cavity. Also jagged lacerations to the face with massive damage to vital areas of the skull. Thorax has been crushed and the lungs are filled with fluid. This man's corpse was found below decks on the fishing boat "The Seagrass." Dead on Arrival.
          Dan O'Bannon - Local DJ, Stevie Wayne, reports that she was on this phone with this man when he was attacked. Mr. O'Bannon thought some kids were playing a prank on him by pounding of the door. His body was found near his work with his throat nearly ripped off. Trace amounts of rust in the wound indicates a weapon was used. Dead on Arrival.
          Mrs. Kobritz - This woman was never found after she disappeared during a heavy fog bank. She was baby-sitting a young boy when she went missing. It's suspected that her disappearance is connected with a string of murders that have plagued the area. The search to find her continues. Dead on Arrival.
          Father Malone - Rumors have surfaced that this man might have been the reason for the recent murders. Regardless, his headless corpse was found in the main hall of his church. Autopsy shows massive burns to the palms of his hands along with a .18 alcohol content in his blood system. Dead on Arrival.



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