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          Anonymous Pitbull - Killed during an illegal Pitbull fight in Mexico. These animals are trained from birth to wage war on their own kind causing massive damage and even death. The average Pitbull can live through at least 5 fights. After that their chances of survival decrease rapidly. This animal died from blood-loss. Dead on Arrival.
          American Rooster - As with all poultry us humans eat, or livestock for that matter, the animal must be killed one way or another. This example is the old way of slaughtering chickens. This rooster's head is placed between two nails in a woodblock and decapitated with an axe. Although body continues to move... the rooster is dead. Dead on Arrival.
          Ebaroh Monkey - Used in a ritual said to bring a man closer to God, this monkey is used as the means to achieve this heightened level of awareness. By eating the brains it is said that the mind is connected straight with God... the monkey is bashed over the head until dead then the brains are removed for dinner. Dead on Arrival.
          Florida Game Warden - It seems that when the game warden was pulled ashore his mutilated body represented a violent retaliation from a creature which has suffered continual abuse from mankind. A man hired to defend the alligator lost his life, the alligator became the hunter. Major puncture wounds to the torso... Dead on Arrival.
          Desale, France Assassination - This man was assassinated on national television in the mid 70's. I single shot to the chest from a .45 magnum ended this mans life. The man who killed him was a professional assassin and meticulously planned the attack. He was never caught and is considered armed and dangerous. Dead on Arrival.
          Lawrence Family Murders - On July 10th 1973, Mike Lawrence went berserk. This remarkable footage is a classic example of a mans mind that one day snapped. After several hours Lawrence's one man revolt was finally defeated. But Lawrence was not the only victim that died on that summer afternoon. All family members shot. Dead on Arrival.
          Gas Chamber Execution - The gas chamber was first introduced in California in 1938. An airtight capsule made of steel, this death machine is the cleanest method of execution I have studied. Within 60 seconds the victim is rendered unconscious by the deadly cyanide gas. A few minutes later his heart stops beating. Dead on Arrival.
          Larry Dissilva Execution - In 1974, Larry Dissilva brutally raped and then murdered an 84 year old woman. After a lengthy trial he was sentenced to death by means of electrocution. Because of the general outcry against the inhumane method of hanging the electric chair was the next step in the development of capital punishment. Dead on Arrival.
          Suicide Jumper - Does a full moon effect the psyche of a human being? On the evening of April 22, 1977...  it may of had some effect on Mary Allen Brighten. In 1978, 35,000 people committed suicide in the United Stated... a rate of 12 per 100,000. Multiple fractures throughout the body including a crushed skull. Dead on Arrival.
          Parachutist - Jumping thousands of feet dependent on a parachute is the risk one takes if he wants to fly. Unfortunately there is also the chance of death. This accident occurred at an air show in the western United States. The man plummeted to earth from 2,000 feet when his parachute malfunctioned. Body nearly flattened. Dead on Arrival.



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