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          Thomas Kintry - Body found on a local dock crucified on a pair of rowing oars. Victim was found decapitated with ingots driven into each of his eyes. In place of his head was found the head from a statue of christ. Tests also show that he was injected with a drug called Sucseanal Colleen which is used for electroshock therapy. Dead on Arrival.
          Father Kanavan - Index finger on both right and left hand missing, they seem to have been chewed off. Body was found in a Catholic confession booth with severe injuries. Some injuries include lacerations to the facial region and extreme blood clots in the retinas. No known suspects at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Father Joseph Kevin Dyer - Extreme confusion surrounds how this man died. Police report the victims blood was completely drained from the body into 21 plastic urine cups. Autopsy shows very little blood in his system and his index fingers were found missing. The Vatican has opened their own investigation. Dead on Arrival.
          Nurse Amy Keeting - Sources say this young nurse was attacked from behind with medical sheers and slit down the middle, cut open, then  all her vital organs were removed. The killer then stuffed her body with Catholic rosaries and sew hew back  together. Head was also found missing but recovered a short time later. Dead on Arrival.
          Dr. Temple - Found in office killed with an injection of Sucseanal Colleen. It's suspected that this was a suicide but autopsy clearly shows that this case was a murder. The angle of the needle puncture would have been impossible to perform by oneself. Death caused by slow asphyxiation. Dead on Arrival..
          Neural Recovery Nurse - Circumstances surrounding death are still unknown. Studies show a puncture wound to the mid-ribcage between the 6th and 7th ribs. Wound shows similarities to other pen stab wounds I've seen so my guess is a pen was the murder weapon. Detectives are still searching for clues in this case. Dead on Arrival.
          Father Paul Morning - Corpse delivered with extreme trauma to the rear of the body. Lower vital organs such as the liver and pancreas have been ripped out the back and severed. Other injuries include severe head trauma, neck injuries, broken blood vessels in the eyes and a small amount of testicular cancer. Dead on Arrival.
          Patient X (Father Damien Karras) - Two gunshot wounds to the upper chest and one to the left temple. Right side of head completely blown off from the massive blast of the gun. Shot and killed after attacking a detective in his psychiatric cell. This man was well known around the hospital as believing he was a dead priest. Dead on Arrival.



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