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          Jane Doe #344 - This death happened across the seas in the country of Pakistan. An American priest was attempting to perform an exorcism on the woman when her dress caught fire. Witnesses claim they were too scared to put the fire out... they were frightened of her demons. 92% of body badly burned. Dead on Arrival.
          John Doe #812 - Died during an unusually large locust swarm in Pakistan. Locals tell stories of the "sea of locust" that swoops down through the hills and takes the souls of sinners. This man's body was found at the bottom of a deep cavern. Multiple compound and hairline fractures due to the fall. Dead on Arrival.
          Taxi Driver - 911 received a call around 1:40 A.M. about a Taxi that had crashed through the old McNeil residence. When authorities arrived they found this man in the drivers seat with multiple fatal injuries. A large puncture wound to the abdomen and cracked skull were the most damaging. Died on the way to the hospital.
          Sharon Spencer - This case is strangely similar to the first victim covered in this film. Washington police found this victim when they arrived on the scene of the crashed taxi. It appears that gas leaked from the vehicle and was ignited by the bulb of a flashlight. Body was burned beyond recognition. Dead on Arrival.



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