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          Karras' Mother - Found dead in her apartment. Autopsy shows the body had been decomposing for multiple days. Bruising found to the left hip and left rib cage which are thought to have been caused by a fall. Extreme cases of blood pooling to areas of impact with apartment floor. No other information. Dead on Arrival.
          Burke Dennings - Found on the corner of M Street with his head twisted completely backwards.  It's suspected that Mr. Dennings was drunk at the time and fell to his death, further tests will follow. Multiple fractures to the extremities and ribcage from the fall. The film he was directing will be postponed. Dead on Arrival.
          Father Lankester Merrin - Cause of death unknown. According to suspects he was under extreme stress at time of death. From experience this points to heart complications a.k.a. Cardiac Arrest. Found dead on the floor of the MacNeil residence. There are rumors this priest was conducting an ancient exorcism when he died. Dead on Arrival.
          Father Damien Karras - Found on the corner of M Street with massive head wounds and multiple compound fractures. Witnesses say he had been involved in an old Catholic ritual called an exorcism. If this is true that would explain the hemorrhaging to the corneas and the suspicious circumstances around the death. Dead on Arrival.



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