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          Linda - Initial cause of death was reportedly a shovel to the neck... causing decapitation. Further examination of the corpse shows massive tearing wounds to the tissue. Small lacerations on the outer ridges of the wounds suggests a chainsaw was used. Severed head also found with similar wounds. Dead on Arrival.
          Henrietta Knowby - Killed by her husband after she tried to attack him. Not having enough courage to dismember her corpse, he ended up burying her in their fruit cellar. Witnesses report that she returned from the dead and waged war on some unsuspecting victims. Body nearly destroyed completely. Dead on Arrival.
          Professor Raymond Knowby - This man is missing and presumed dead. Little is known about this case but we do know that he murdered his wife before disappearing. Some say that strange things have been happening in the woods around this mans cabin... perhaps these unexplained happenings contributed to this mans disappearance.
          Ed Getley - Dismembered corpse found on the floor of the abandoned cabin. Autopsy shows markings on the bone that coincides with axe wounds. Strange markings around the face and hands suggest a form of possession was involved. No other information known at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Bobbie Joe - This corpse shows massive trauma to the skeletal system. It seems as though she hit an object at high speed causing multiple injuries and instant death. Roots from trees found laced through her face, chest, and lower legs. No other injuries apparent at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Jake - Accidentally stabbed in the chest by Annie Knowby. The extreme amount of bacteria on the weapon caused an infection which would have eventually killed him but he instead was killed by Henrietta Knowby in the basement. Body later found stripped of all it's meat and internal organs. Dead on Arrival.
          Annie Knowby - A deep stab wound to the upper back caused this woman's fate. Internal bleeding from the wound cause massive hemorrhaging in the lungs and surrounding tissue, causing a slow and painful suffocation. Body found days later on the floor of an abandoned cabin. Dead on Arrival.



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