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          Shelly - Reports show this young woman was found dead along with her friends in a small abandoned cabin just across the border in Tennessee. Multiple wounds were found including 3rd degree burns to the face, an amputated right hand, and blunt-force trauma to the skull. Any of these injuries could have killed her. Dead on Arrival.
          Linda - This woman was the girlfriend of the only known survivor. He tells us that she had been stabbed in the right ankle with a pencil and then possessed by unseen spirits. He claimed that he tried to dismember her corpse but decided to decapitate her in the front yard instead. Wounds to the body confirm his story. Dead on Arrival.
          Cheryl - This case is a little harder to solve. Her remains, or what was left of them, were found in the living room of the cabin. It seems at though she somehow melted which left her as a big puddle of bone, internal organs, and flesh on the ground. The survivor wouldn't comment on this woman due to the fact that she was his sister. Dead on Arrival.
          Scotty - This young man was found in a similar state as the above victim. The only difference with this case is that the autopsy shows a slightly larger amount of decay... indicating that this man died before the above victim. No other information has been found to indicate the events of this mans death. Dead on Arrival.



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