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       The Grand Finale…
       Tuesday, November 20th 2007       

       I tried not to lose my head over the situation, but off it went.
       Hardy har har har… har… cough… spit…. spew…. puke…. gasp…. clunk.
       I am hilarious, aren’t I? For those of you who don’t read every word I write, Unhinged Cinema decided to shoot a better ending than the one we had originally shot for Roadside Killer: Episode 2.        The new ending includes a beheading/decapitation of yours truly. Goodbye to my noggin. My sanity is long gone, so it’s only natural the head went next.
       Last weekend I was drenched in even more blood in a bathtub than the last time I was in a bloody bathtub. It was minus the animal intestines this time, but with more weapons. Good thing, because that entrails stench stuck under my fingernails for days and I felt like it was in my nostrils, too. The very white bathroom was decorated with plastic, wrapping paper, Christmas lights, a saw, a rusty pitchfork, a knife, and some other unidentifiable tetanus causing weapons. If you recall, from seeing the ever so awesome trailer, this episode is the Christmas one. How fitting that it’s almost that time and the film is almost complete. Tis the season to lob off heads, eh?
       (NOTE: The trailer showed at the New York City Horror Film Festival on October 24th)
       I had a cast made of my head in September and then a couple of smaller portions done in October so that the effects guy, Simon Garcia, could make a double of me. Just as my double should, she looked like she could be my twin. Aside from the missing upper lip, that is. I guess I kind of fucked up the cast by not keeping my full upper lip puffed out and poofy like it usually is. It’s too late to give her collagen now, though…
       For the grand finale, the directors John Gonzales and Slava Siderman swiftly planned the shots and filmed them so that we zipped through the gruesome kill scene. As the Roadside Killer, Stanley Simmons (played by the cool and talented Jason Fenton) perched on the side of the bathtub, I, Gwen Garcia, struggled inside. It’s better for me not to reveal too much of what happened because I want you all to be surprised, but it did include a big saw and me spitting out and gurgling blood. And, like I said a million times before, a missing head.
       I still have fake blood in my ears, nose, on my feet, and in various other crevices – typical casualty of shooting horror. It seemed like I had gallons pumped all over me, on my neck, through a tube, and into my mouth that day. I know I caught a gleam of pleasure in John’s eyes every time he pumped blood all over my body. There was so much blood that even Stanley’s latex gloves were torn in several places by the end. My duct-taped wrists were stuck. The gloves kept sticking to my hair and all of my skin was sticking together. It was gross.
       I saw a rough cut of the film a couple months ago and it looks really fabulous. And I’m not just saying that because I’m in it. The guys from Unhinged know what shots work well and how to make everything look really great. The original score will go nicely with the film, too. I had a chance to hear the song from the first scene and it made me giddy with bloody holiday joy.
       A little update: still planning on interviewing writer/director Rolfe Kanefsky after the holiday. He has a lot of exciting things going on right now for him and his film Nightmare Man just finished screening as part of Horrorfest. I encourage all of you to drink a lot of blood and wine on Thanksgiving. Personally, I think I’ll load up on carbs since I don’t eat animal carcass, but you are all free to do as you wish. Potatoes for me, bird for you. I know how it goes.
       I’m still searching for musical acts to interview. I think the last one I interviewed was Phil from All That Remains last year! If you can think of anyone appropriate for my words, please let me know.
       Enjoy your holiday and I’ll be back shortly!



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