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          Happy Holidays my Fellow Flesh Farmers!
          Wednesday, December 20th 2006

          I just wanted to post this holiday message to you all. I hope your holidays are full of blood, joy, and gore. I am getting ready to head into the snow-capped mountains for a little bit of a retreat and quality family time. If I don’t return, it means my Christmas went much like The Shining. No big deal.
          Last night I had the opportunity to watch the original Black Christmas directed by Bob Clark at the Grindhouse Fest here in LA. Starring the beautiful Olivia Hussey and John Saxon of Enter the Dragon and A Nightmare on Elm Street fame, the movie was just the thing to get me into the holiday spirit. Prank phone calls from inside the house always make me want to hang some garland. Especially when the prank caller is killing everyone I live with—suffocation here, stab wound there, ya know…tis the season! 

          I was glad to see the place packed and sold out. I attended with infamous smut writer Michael Hemmingson and saw some familiar faces there including founder of Splattercore Films and fellow Flesh Farmer, Anthony Sant’Anselmo. (See above picture)

          Clark, Hussey, and Saxon introduced the movie and afterward the crowd had a chance to get autographs. I have to say, Saxon was a huge asshole. Yeah, that’s right, he was a prick. When we asked for a photo, he begrudgingly stood beside me for about two seconds and when my friend accidentally pushed the wrong button on the camera, Saxon just took off. You know what, Saxon? I hope Bruce Lee haunts your old ass for the rest of your life. 

          On that cheery holiday note, I’ll leave you for now. On the schedule next is an interview with Andy Signore, the brains and talent behind the movie, “The Janitor.”

          Be bad and get into lots of holiday trouble!!!


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