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        I Love Me Some Fango…and, Autopsies, of course!
        Tuesday, May 22nd 2007

          Holy Shit. What just happened? Not really sure, but I spent a whirlwind of a day at Fangoria’s Weekend of Horrors on Saturday. When I got there at 1PM, all decked out in my special beanie, the hotel was out of parking. In fact, the attendant made sure I knew that parking had been unavailable since11AM that day, like it was my fault or something. Psh. I ended up parking not too far away and trekking in my semi-high shoes back to the Burbank Marriott for the extravaganza. 
          The weekend of horror actually started on Friday with vendors, panels, and the Shock N’Roll Spooktacular. Not sure exactly what I missed, but I believe it included music and a fashion show. To me, Saturday was the most important day because that was the day that Unhinged Cinema’s first Roadside Killer episode screened in the Producer’s room. And I was surprised to find out the trailer for episode two was finished….and it screened! Ahhhh, I have many fond memories of being tied to a pole with Christmas lights (if you don’t know that I’m in episode 2, I’m sure you could have used reasoning to figure it out – also, scroll below to find the picture with me, blood, and intestines to read all about the experience). The screening happened in the evening, so I had all day to play around, socialize, and visit the panels. (See the trailer below!)

          My favorite vendors included the very welcoming guys from the band, Dead by Day (thanks for the hookup, Ralis!), the Grindhouse Festival, Girls and Corpses Magazine, 1-800 Autopsy, and Coffin Case, who had the awesome performer Murrugun the Mystic putting on shows, which, subsequently blocked traffic in the walkway. But, seriously, who’s not going to stop and watch a guy swallow one, two and then three swords. Before the big swallows he ate glass and pulled a piece of twine out of his abdomen. And after, he put skewers through his flesh. How awesome is that? Apparently this entertaining fellow will be traveling with Brothers Grim Sideshow on the Warped Tour this summer through the US and Canada. I suggest you check him out. Glass eating is all the rage! 

          I really enjoyed my time with 1-800 Autopsy founder Vidal Herrera. His booth was located in a great traffic spot, so I sat on his cow skin covered couch and did my fair share of people watching. He tried to get me to wear a 1-800 Autopsy thong but I argued that it just attracted attention to my crotch. And I’d prefer it if people don’t stare at my crotch. My breasts—fine: my crotch-- not so much. We discussed me driving out to his facility to see what he has going on there. I’ve never seen an autopsy, so I’m intrigued. In the midst of my wandering, I met and got a photo with Feast director John Gulager. At the end of the day, before the vendors closed up shop and after I’d wandered around looking at and fingering all the merchandise, I sat with Brian at the Grindhouse booth for some good conversation. In that time, some guy came up and told me I was gorgeous and someone viewed a Hot Potato/Enter the Dragon double feature poster. Which made me realize that I really need some sort of Bruce Lee poster to put in my lair. What a fuckin’ badass that guy was!


          Saturday’s panels included Hostel, Part II, Fangoria Comics, Cabin Fever 2, Borderland, Horror Composers, Halloween, and my panel of choice, the Hatchet panel. Writer/director Adam Green, star Kane Hodder, actors Joel David Moore, Tamara Feldman, and the, always wonderful, Tony Todd, amongst others, chatted about the upcoming slasher flick. Just hearing Tony’s voice makes me squeal with delight! They showed some footage that made me drool a bit. I’m hungry for a decent slasher flick. The film is supposed to come out in September. I’ll just have to wait patiently with my legs crossed until then. 
          Even though I can’t say I’m all that excited for the new Halloween to come out, it was pretty cool to see and hear Rob Zombie talk. I’ve always been a fan. 

          Sunday also had panels but I was too tired from the day before to rock it on back to the Marriott. Thora Birch and Clive Barker were a couple of the featured guests on the last day of the convention. 

          Films screened in the Producer’s room over the course of the entire weekend. I wish I could have caught some of them but I was too busy being a, well, busybody. Next year, my friends, next year! The crowd for The Roadside Killer was enthusiastic and all of the cast and crew were psyched to see their work onscreen. I ended the night in the restaurant watching the group I was with eat delicious desserts and other foodstuffs.

          Already looking forward to next year! Maybe I’ll even have a new beanie by then!

          I’m also looking forward to my Memorial Day Weekend Flesh Farm powwow with the Butcher and Anthony. That’s right, the Butcher is leaving the Farm and coming to visit the rest of the small but tight Flesh Farm family! Chaos will ensue. I most certainly guarantee it.


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