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          Philip - While attempting to extract zombies from a cage for research, this 39-year-old man was attacked after a equipment malfunction. Autopsy shows a large portion of the trachea has been bitten/ripped from the central neck and also a bullet wound to the skull. Reports show the bullet wound was inflicted to end his suffering. Dead on Arrival.
          Pvt. Johnson - Multiple gun shot wounds to the upper torso and neck. Witnesses say that this man was shot by accident after a near-by army member was attacked. The man squeezed the trigger in response to the pain of his injuries and ultimately killed this man. No other injuries apparent. Dead on Arrival.
          Dr. Logan - This 56-year-old male was found riddled with machine gun bullets in a nearby walk in cooler. Sources say he was caught using the bodies of recently deceased army recruits to feed his prized specimens. Dr. Logan was attempting to find a way to make the zombies behave under our rule. Dead on Arrival.
          Dr. Ted Fisher - Autopsy of this victim shows massive damage to the skull and brain. From the amount of damage, it is safe to say that a very high caliber hand gun was used at close range to murder this man. No history of violence or crime suggesting this man didn't deserve this treatment. Dead on Arrival.
          Pvt. Miguel Salazar - After being bitten by a zombie, this mans left arm was amputated in hopes to stop the infection. To cauterize the stump they used a torch and some gasoline. Eventually this man used himself as bait to lure the undead onto the complex elevator where he is torn to shreds. Dead on Arrival.
          Pvt. Torrez - Reports show that after hundreds of the undead stormed the underground bunker this man was cornered, pinned, and ripped into multiple pieces. Small amounts of the remains were found later with teeth marks and snapped bones. Ruptured blood veins in the eyes shown this man was alive when he was dismembered. Dead on Arrival.
          Pvt. Rickles - This man was also ambushed by the undead. While trying to push one of the attackers away... his ring and middle finger on his left hand was bitten off. Most noticeable injury is to that os his face. It seems as though a finger was jammed in his eye and then his scalp ripped off. Dead on Arrival.
          Pvt. Steel - A gunshot to the head was this mans fate. After realizing there was no escape from the perusing zombies... he decided to end his life. Bullet traveled through the back of his mouth and out through his spine. Body found ripped apart and eaten. No other injuries can be accounted for due to the amount of tissue damage. Dead on Arrival.
          Capt. Rhodes - Details to this mans death: Gunshot wound to the right shoulder, left leg, and stomach can be seen but these were not the cause of death. Death was caused after he was ripped in two from the waist. Chew marks found and also abraisions to the upper skull. No other info at this time. Dead on Arrival.



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