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          Roy Tucker - Fellow law enforcement officers report that this young man was shot in the face while preparing to raid an apartment filled with outlaws. Exploration into the skull shows a .45 bullet was used and blew out the back of the cranium. No other injuries found. Death occurred instantly. Dead on Arrival.
          Plaid Outlaw - Shot in he chest with a 12-gauge shotgun while attacking a raiding S.W.A.T. team. If this man would have surrendered his life would have certainly been spared. Witnesses say this man didn't even get a shot off before he was killed. 34 balls of buckshot were pulled from his chest during autopsy. Dead on Arrival.
          Afro Outlaw - Also shot in he chest with a 12-gauge shotgun. Report shows this man got multiple shots off before being eradicated. An investigation has been started into how many of this outlaws bullets hit members of the S.W.A.T. team. Drug tests show a high level of heroin in the blood system. Dead on Arrival.
          Chubby Outlaw - The worst of the outlaws to be injured was this man. Some say this man was the leader and organizer of the outlaws rebellion. When the S.W.A.T. team was notified of this uprising they suspected that this man was the cause. Multiple shotgun wounds have been found and drugs are also apparent here. Dead on Arrival.
          Red Bandana Outlaw - Multiple gunshot wounds of many different calibers found on this man. S.W.A.T. team members say this man had many opportunities to surrender but ran right into the blaze of fire. Wounds spread from the upper legs to the upper torso. This man's brother is well know to local police, he's the local drug lord. Dead on Arrival.
          Male Hotel Resident - Head found completely blown off. This man was enjoying a night with his wife when a deranged S.W.A.T. team member kicked in their door and pulled the trigger on his 12-gauge shotgun. Head delivered to pathology in a ziplock bag. Family members are suing for compensation. Dead on Arrival.
          Female Hotel Resident - Similar wounds found on this victim as the above. After watching her husband get killed she meets the same fate. Only difference on the wounds are the placement, her gunshot wounds were placed to the upper chest. Massive tissue and internal organ damage. No other information. Dead on Arrival.
          Wooley - Extreme mental breakdown is all that can be said about this mans state of mind when he died. After trying to get this man to stop his killing rampage, his fellow S.W.A.T. team members had no choice but to kill him. Shot multiple times in the back with an AK-47. Friends say his wife had recently been killed by the living dead. Dead on Arrival.
          Givens - This young man gave into the stresses that many law enforcement officials do. After seeing much death and despair this man decided suicide was the best way out of his situation. A .45 hole is seen entering his right cheek-bone and exiting through his upper left cranium. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Roger - Autopsy shows a deep bite wound to the left forearm and also to the left calf muscle. Clots and white blood cells around the perimeter of the wounds shows this man survived these injuries but died approximately  a month later. A gunshot to the forehead suggests this man returned from the dead. Dead on Arrival.
          Ten members of the motorcycle gang - The majority of this victims were shot with a .22 rifle by a man named Peter. But others show blunt force trauma to the head and torso. Many of these men were also eaten after they died which makes it hard to determine the exact causes of death. One man's arm was found imbedded in a machine. Dead on Arrivals.
          Blades - Sources report this man was shot in the chest by Peter with a .22. During the autopsy I found the entrance wound through the front chest and out through the back. Multiple fractures around the corpse suggests this man fell from a great height as well. Dissection of the liver shows heavy alcohol abuse. Dead on Arrival.
          Stephen/Flyboy - Bullet wound to the upper right arm suggests blood loss was the cause of death. But while looking closer as this subject it's clear he died of multiple bite wounds. Rifle wound the the skull and the placement of the body shows this man returned from the dead only to be shot by his friends. Dead on Arrival.



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