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Promote your film on The Flesh Farm!
Exclusively focused on horror promotional services for horror filmmakers.

Who are we?
    The Flesh Farm is a horror-based service provider to filmmakers in the independent and major theatrical release market.

What we do!

First and foremost, we'd like to discuss your film's promotional needs (via phone, email or personal meeting) as to provide your film with the most exposure.

After we have discussed your promotional needs and your order has been placed, we will begin building your films section for the site.

Your order will include all (unless you request otherwise) of the following features:
    - Main graphics including logo, cover art, tagline, rotating gif image and four custom buddy icons
    - Synopsis
    - Review (You may provide the review, or we can review for no extra charge.)
    - Trivia
    - Full cast & crew
    - Up to 48 high-quality screen captures
    - Coroner Report (Optional)
    - 1 Video Clip
    - 1 Trailer
    - Amazon section for customers to purchase your material.

Some examples:
    - Sleepaway Camp
    - Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town
    - Stigmata
    - Cannibal Holocaust

Once your order has been completed you will also receive (for no additional charge):
    - A bulletin and blog post on our MySpace page, providing information to over 20,000 people of your new section.
    - Submission to IMDB requesting posting of your new Flesh Farm section. (This can only be done if your film already has a IMDB page.)
    - A priority posting in our "Updates" section

Your films page will be permanent. The Flesh Farm has been online since 1997 and we are stronger than ever. Think of your section as a suped up IMDB listing, placed in a horror community who are die-hard horror buffs. This is the ultimate promotional tool.

How many visitors, you ask? We currently get 3 million+ hits every month, 40,000-50,000+ visits every month and 20,000+ unique visitors every month. After one year, your film has the potential to be seen by 240,000 horror fans! Wow! (Your section is not guaranteed to be viewed by every person who enters the site, but everyone will have access to view it.)

Consider this, you could end up spending thousands on advertising costs for a small banner-ad, which will only be posted for a short while. But becoming a client with The Flesh Farm provides a wealth of information for fans, which will be available for horror fans to explore for years to come. The price of our services is extremely low:

One fully featured film on The Flesh Farm is only $99.95!
    - Place your order!

Filmmakers and film companies can also put in bulk orders. Have 10 films you'd like posted? No problem! We can provide!
    - Place your order!

Film distribution companies can also send over their films as they become available for promotion. Simply contact us with your schedule and send the DVD's over as they become available!
    - Place your order!

We encourage you to send over any questions you might have! You will receive a response within one business day.
    - customerservice@thefleshfarm.com

We look forward to taking your order and helping your film thrive!
                                                    - The Flesh Farm Staff


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