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          Young boy in Mine - Attacked when he got a little too curious about a local mine shaft. Only body parts found were some gnawed bones and his scalp. Suspects in the case are still being investigated but rumors point towards locals who died recently. No other information is available at this time. Case still open. Dead on Arrival.
          Lucile Hawkins - Injuries suggest a high speed car impact. Autopsy shows a cracked skull, broken collar bone, four broken ribs, a broken femur, and other internal organ injuries. Police say the man who hit this woman was the local mortician Ralph Willum... but the investigation into this case continues. Dead on Arrival.
          Sheriff Bugiere - Attacked from behind with a small knife. Murder weapon has not been located but the wound is consistent with other stabbing cases. Death was not instant... this man would have choked on the blood gushing from the massive wound. This case is in high gear considering this man was a Sheriff. Dead on Arrival.
          Donny Ratchet - Shot three times in the chest by local mortician Ralph Willum. Reports show this man was investigating the disappearance of his wife's friend when he was shot. Body was found in the nearby make-shift cooler and semi decomposed. No other injuries found. Dead on Arrival.
          Johnny Clutter - Found outside his fathers house ripped into many pieces. Multiple teeth marks suggest this man was eaten by his assailants. Glass from a nearby window was found deep in his flesh suggesting he was pulled through the window. No other injures can be seen at this time. Case will remain open. Dead in Arrival.
          Henry Clutter - Attacked in the back room of his families farmhouse. Main wounds surround his upper shoulders and neck. Due to his farmhouse setting on fire, we can only guess to what the motive was. Body found under many layers of soot and ash. The rest of his family was also butchered. Dead on Arrival.
          Mae Clutter - Cause of death is still unknown. Witnesses report she was laying in a pool of blood at the bottom of the stairs before the farmhouse burnt to the ground. Autopsy confirms this after finding a large impact wound to the cranium. Corpse burnt beyond recognition due to the fire. Dead on Arrival.
          Ma Ma Cranston - Attempting to rescue a school bus of blind kids she is attacked by a pursuing zombie. Sources say at this time she lost control of her bike and slid under the bus... exploding in a massive fireball. 90% of flesh has ben burnt away from the bone resulting in little forensic material. Dead on Arrival.
          Ralph Willum - Autopsy shows a gunshot wound to the right lower leg, internal bruising, and decapitation. Tissue found on the passenger side window of his hearse suggests this man got his head caught in the window and the power window system got tripped. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.



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