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          Mr. Sullivan - This man was the president of a toy company that was soon going to remake the "good Guy" dolls. He was found in his office strangled to death with a yo-yo. Other injuries include a small puncture wound to the middle back, multiple small bruises to the upper back and blunt-force trauma to the forehead. Dead on Arrival.
          Garbage Man - For some unknown reason, this member of the waste removal profession entered the back of his truck while it was running. The truck began to crush the trash and he was caught in the compression. Multiple crushed bones and holes in the flesh are found due to the massive crushing teeth. Dead on Arrival.
          Col. Cochrane - This man died from suffering a massive heart attack a.k.a. myocardial infarction. Autopsy shows his heart weighed twice as much as is should have. Right ventricle was plagued with fat and his cholesterol was through the roof. Found after he fell through a miniature soldier setup. Dead on Arrival.
          Sgt. Botnick - This man was a high ranking officer in the military in the early 80's until he was demoted to hair inspector for alcoholism. He was found sitting in his barber chair with his throat shit. The wound was so deep is completely lacerated the windpipe and jugular vein. Killer is still at large. Dead on Arrival.
          Cadet Lt. Col. Brett C. Shelton - This young cadet was participating in a yearly tradition including paintball games. Someone mistakenly placed live rounds in the paintball chambers which were shot at this man, killing him. The bullet entered through the chest and exited through the mid-spine. Dead on Arrival.
          Harold Aubrey Whitehurst - Witnesses report this young man was participating in the paintball games when a live grenade was thrown into a group of fellow cadets. This victim threw himself on top of the grenade taking the full impact of the explosion. Internal organs have been mutilated beyond recognition. Dead on Arrival.
          Carnival Security Guard - Murdered while on duty at the local carnival. His body was found by some kids after he was shot in the face. When the bullet was removed from his brain and compared with the rounds from his own revolver, they matched. Suicide has been ruled out because of the placement of the shot. Dead on Arrival.
          Chucky - This doll was found hacked to bits from a large fan in the town's circus' horror house. A bullet was found lodged in the right arm suggesting it was shot off. The fan was being used to blow air through a haunted horror effect that had no safety guard. This doll is thought to be the cause of a recent string of murders. Dead on Arrival.



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