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          Play Pals Technician - Some form of malfunction in a Play Pals machine caused this man to sustain an enormous amount of electricity, which killed him. Executives at Play Pals have told the press they are looking into how the accident occurred and will be paying the family of this man for compensation. Dead on Arrival.
          Mattson Watts - This man was found dead in his company car approximately 3 miles from his work site. A plastic bag was found wrapped around his head which caused a moderately slow suffocation. Broken blood vessels in the eyes, due to the strain on the system, supports this. Case still under investigation. Dead on Arrival.
          Miss Kettlewell - A quarter-sized puncture wound has been found to the upper abdomen which was later found to be caused by an air-pump. Multiple blunt-force trauma markings are also seen across the breasts, face and back of the head. Death caused by the brain injuries she sustained. No other information at this time. Dead on Arrival.
          Phil Simpson - Found at the bottom of the basement stairs with a broken neck. This man's family is well known around the neighborhood for their adopting of troubled children. The newest member of their family was involved in a recent case in which many were murdered. The bay was found near the body. Dead on Arrival.
          Joanne Simpson - It's suspected that this victim was attacked while she did some sewing that she regularly did. A section of fabric was found wrapped around her neck but was not used to kill her. The fabric is thought to have been used to restrain while the perpetrator slit her throat. Jagged lines show the weapon was dull.  Dead on Arrival.
          Grace Poole - This woman's corpse was found in an upstairs office in the orphanage she worked in. Her body was covered with photocopied pictures of her dying face. The stab wounds to the upper chest and lower abdomen claimed her life. Witnesses claim a "Good Guys" doll was the culprit. Dead on Arrival.
          Play Pals Night Technician - Reports in the main operator room show there was a malfunction with the eye section of the belt strip. This man went to investigate and somehow the machine started with him working on it. The result was two puncture wounds through the eyes and into the brain. Death was instant. Dead on Arrival.
          Chucky - This humanized doll was found in the Play Pals factory extremely mutilated. The legs are missing, corpse covered in steaming hot plastic, head demolished and where the right hand should be there's a knife. It's suspected that this doll is the cause of the recent murder spree that has plagued the area. Dead on Arrival.



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